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Achievements not working and "better container controls" do not work with controller


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Thanks for the guide, I have used STEP before and following the SE version was very simple and clear.

The game is running well so far, no issues to report apart from achievements are not working (SSE Engine fixes has the option set to true as default, but still not working) and I have found that the better container controls addon does not work with a controller when trying to pick up multiple items from a corpse or container (e.g. septims and arrows).


I was not able to find any fixes to the above issues, hopefully you can advise on how to get achievements working. As for the controller, I have disabled the addon (there are no uninstall instructions but disabling the addon in MO and running the game does not appear to cause any issues).



Edit: Some achievements have now appeared on Steam, but there are some notable ones missing (e.g. Unbound), but I am unsure if it will do them retrospectively or not and I will keep an eye on new ones going forwards.

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