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CTD on startup with ENB.


This is my first post here, so if I am doing it wrong, I apologize.


Anyway, so I've read a few posts with similar if not the same problem I am currently having, but they didn't seem to find a solution, or they did find one that didn't work for me. So I am asking, well at this rate, begging for help. xD


I am relatively new to modding Skyrim, but I seem to be figuring it out well enough. I have only encountered this critical issue so far. As soon as the game loads up, it crashes. Sometimes right after the Bethesda logo and other times at the main menu screen. I spent hours going through my mods only to discover that it's the d3d9.dll file from ENB causing my CTD issue. If I remove it, everything works perfectly. If I have it in there, it does this. I've followed the STEP guide and made the alterations to my config files, and I've installed the Directx Runtimes.


I spent seemingly ages to set up my Skyrim mods to go with the ENB, and it looked wonderful before this started happening. I'm just frustrated and confused about it at the moment.


If anyone has any input, I greatly appreciate it.

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Anyone found a fix to this problem?


It does the same thing for me. I see the loading screen with the ENB information displayed, everything is constantly flickering and then it crashes before I can see the menu.


Also, I've installed directx standalone runtime 2010 like 20 times but when I run ENB PreSetup it still says that it is not installed. Anyone know how to deal with this issue?

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      EmbersXD seems to have built in compatibility for its meshes so ENB Light should not overwrite them (will need to hide or not install this meshes) Battle Ready Candlelight Fixes is completely overwritten by this mod (so hide these as well)  
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      Upon reinstalling though I've encountered a new issue. I am using the Steam GOTY edition with all DLCs. I can load the vanilla game along with OBSE installed using the "default" profile of MO. However, when I create a new vanilla profile, not changing any ini settings or load order of the DLCs, I crash before the main menu can load. I tried disabling the DLCs just in case, no change.
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      so I eventually reached the point I just submitted to my computer.
      Somehow ENB does 100%ly not work with my pc, at least not this way.
      I followed the instructions as far as there were any.
      -> deinstalled every lighting mod I had active and dynavision.
      -> installed the newest ENB 0.112 or sth like that. Used the injector version.
      -> installed superb ENB RL for testing's sake.
      -> loaded up a new game from an inside location and everything seemed alright (although some really bright surfaces) until I exited the room to outside...
      -> OMFG! what the hell has happened to skyrim. EVERYTHING is flashing madly. I can't even explain how bad it is. Just imagine every structure blinking on your screen. And, of course I only got 25 FPS. Well that ain't the problem. I rather had a problem with reasoning why everything kept flashing...
      Has anyone encountered similar problems?
      I'm kinda freaked out right now...
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