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Overwrite folder empty after converting in CK (Tech's guide)



I've been following Tech's guide, and have got to the point where all the mods are installed. I'm just now going back and converting the three mods in the creation kit. Specifically lore based loading screens, ice penguin world map and skyrim improved puddles. The problem is when I save and close (CK hangs and I have to force close), the Overwrite folder in MO2 is EMPTY every time... I just can't figure it out. I've tried running CK in Administrator mode and compatibility for Windows 8, I've updated the 'Overwrite Steam AppID' to 202480 as I read somewhere just in case, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the CK from the bethesda.net launcher.... But still no joy. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.


Edit: For reference I'm on Windows 10 64 bit and I'm trying to follow Tech's guide for Skyrim Special Edition on Steam

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Ah, OK thanks, I was pulling my hair out.


Yeah if I double click for example A Quality World Map in the left pane of MO2 and go to filetree I can see date modified is when I saved it in the CK. So, does that mean this part of Tech's guide is not correct anymore (under "Converting Old plugins"):



9. The newly saved plugin will be located in the Overwrite folder in MO. Double-click the Overwrite folder to open it.


10. Drag and drop the new plugin into the mod listing which it belongs to and close the Overwrite window.

Do I need to do anything more to get it to work? Or is MO2 now using the converted/updated .esp?


Thanks again, and I apologise for my confusion.

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