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Dark shadows



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This looks very much like SSAO. Which version of ENB are you on?



I'm probably not going to visit these forums for a long while. The oldrim SSAO looked best with




in my humble opinion. This is reasonably close to an indirect lighting approximation I saw in a raytracer written by a friend of mine, with some slightly higher occlusion to add a moody effect.


Way too many people put in wild numbers in their SSAO presets. While this is of course the artistic freedom of the creator of the enb preset, it goes against the goal of SSAO/SSIL: approximate global illumination. Slightly more AO then 'realistic' (meaning best approximation with Boris' method) helps to make mesh transitions look a little less artificial. But I would try to stay somewhat close to 1.0 values.


Also note that some textures might have an AO effect already baked in (kind of like a light map, but only on the texture). It might look odd to add further AO.

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