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Base game not running properly launched through MO2



I recently upgraded to MO2 to get around the old MO's link association problem. I built a mod list and load order partially following the STEP Legacy of the Dragonborn guide, but when I completed all the steps and launched the game, when it loaded the LAL cell all it loaded was the background skybox, world collision, some particle effects (nearby torches and some distant ghosts) and the player character's eyes.




I was advised elsewhere to validate game files, but this didn't work. Eventually I decided to copy the profile and turn everything off except for the cleaned Bethesda ESMs as advised in the guide, the performance textures, USLEEP and ASLAL. The same problem occurred. On disabling everything, leaving only the vanilla game (plus the DLC ESMs), the cart ride appeared fine at the beginning, but the loading screen before that only loaded Alduin's eyes, indicating the same problem. This problem did not occur when launching the game directly through Steam, only when launching it through MO2.


Are there any suggestions for this?

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