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Mod activation yields warning I don't understand



I'm using MO 2.1.3 to mod Fallout 4. Working great except for one pesky mod. When I activate this particular mod, I get this warning message in the bottom pane:


Plugin "<name>" is the only plugin specified in group "Main" which requires selection of at least one plugin.


Too many uses of the work "plugin" here for me to make sense of this.  ::):  The mod includes only one ESP and it's checked in the right pane. So what is this message trying to tell me?


BTW The MO docs. say if I click on the "!" icon next to the warning, I'll get an explanation. But clicking on that symbol has no effect in this case.


And in case it's relevant, the mod in question is "Enhanced Lights and FX" (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/13596).


Thanks for any help.

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Honestly, this sounds like the FOMOD was set up badly or you have a corrupted download. I haven't been on the FO4 version of this mod, so I can't say for certain of course, but you may want to bring up the error on the mod's nexus page to see if the author or another user has any insight. 

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Posting on the mod's page is a good idea. I'll do that.


In the meantime, can anybody tell me what conditions would cause the tool to emit this message? That is, what does MO think is the problem?


Or to put it another way, if I assume this message is legitimate, I still don't know what it means. In particular, what is "group 'Main'"? What does it mean to say that a plugin requires selection of a plugin? And what's significant about the "only plugin" with this requirement?

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I see that all the time with mods with FOMOD installers. It's just because there's a step where there's only one option available.


Here are the comments on that part of the code in MO:

//This is somewhat of a hack. If the author has specified only 1 plugin and the
//group type is SELECTATLEASTONE or SELECTEXACTLYONE, then that plugin has to be selected. A note: This doesn't check for if somebody has defined a single plugin group with one of the above types, and then made the plugin unselectable.
//They deserve what they get.
//Similarly, if they've specfied SELECTATMOSTONE, we might as well give them a checkbox

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