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Problems with texture mods in SSE



Ill start of by adding that im not sure if this is meant to go here.


Ive been working at this for a few days and am stuggling to find a way around this, ive decided to make an account and now heres the problem i cannot for the life of me get any texture mods to work in the game and ive been specifically going off of the list on this site (https://wiki.step-project.com/User:DarkladyLexy/Lexys_LOTD_SE#.5BSkyrimSE_Re-Engaged_ENB.5D) and ive reached the 'general world improvement' section and have noticed none of the texture mods have worked, ivee been searching up many methods to the problem as changing the skyrim.ini certain settings and also forgot to add ive been running the game after each section on that site, but other things have been attempted were redoing my load order many times with loot and manually, have redownloaded the mods within this section and im sorta out of ideas from this point and would appreciate any level of help that can get me closer to fixing this problem

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Okay so it seems that my mods are capping out? As when i enter the game it comes up with loading all mods but within mod checklist i can only see 1 set of the mods and cannot scroll down to see any other mods as they are not popping up after then, and with a few google searches nothing has arose so im more stuck then i previously thought? ill add in that ive tried kickstarting my mcm menu with setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1 and a prameter quest text pops up 

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