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[Skyrim LE] Issues with Skyproc Patcher, SKSE folder and LOOT disabling some compatibility patches





So ive got a few issues (again^^), instead of just spamming the forum i decided to just make one post, addressing them all:



1. I want to use the amazing "Perkus Maximus" by T3ndo, wich has a Skyproc patcher to handle alot of stuff. using it with MO2 however doesnt seem to work, since the patcher doesnt seem to know where to put its files, and it just dumps them all into the "overwrite" thing.


to solve this i created a empty mod and just moved them all there, but thats just random honestly and didnt change anything.



2. i used the tutorial vid by the guy with the russian accent (lol), to install SKSE (was a skyrim SE video, i just assumed its the same cause steam SKSE didnt work anymore). it kind of works and kind of doesnt. my SKSE folder always gets deleted (same with steam SKSE), but for some mods i need access to it ("crash fixes" by meh321 for example), while mods requiring SKSE seem to work.



3. Everytime i launch LOOT, it seems to automaticly disable some patches (the people of skyrim - alternate start patch for example), im not sure if i should activate them manually again in the plug in section or just leave them as they are.



so if anyone knows anything, id be thankful for some tips or/and solutions :)

ah and btw, MO2 guys, the manager is amazing to handle and has pretty damn good features, so yeah, keep up the good work!

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For 1) Normal behavior - MO1 did the same thing. Once it's been created the first time and you place it in a mod, that patch will be overwritten in place on subsequent runs. The text files and temp files will still get dumped into Overwrite, but they can be safely deleted.


For 2) Take a look at the "Detailed Instructions" in the main Step guide for the SKSE install. I'm pretty sure it'll work better for you that way than... whatever way you saw in the video. If this is for an SE install, just use the SE version of SKSE instead, but the general instructions will be identical.


For 3) I've never seen LOOT turn files on or off before. Regardless, you can turn them back on with no problem. I'd check LOOT's interface to ensure it didn't have any problems or messages for those files, but otherwise, an odd but un-concerning occurrence. If it were Wrye Bash following the creation of a bashed patch, I'd leave it as is, but LOOT? Nah. No issues.

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