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SSE Problem With MO2 'Source Game' Column



Answered My Own Question


- double click on mod in left pane, click on 'Nexus Info' Tab and  change "Source Game'




I have searched the web looking for an answer but have been unable to find one.


The problem that I am having with MO2 is that about 200 mods listed in the 'Source Game' column are incorrectly classified.  Most misclassifications are SE mods that are labeled as LE mods, though there are a few LE mods that are labeled as SE mods.  Is there anyway to correct these misclassifications without having to delete the misclassified mods and download them again?  It is really hard to "Check All for Updates" when half of your mods are being listed as needing updates.

The problem occurred because I did not download each individual mod.  Instead, I copied the misclassified mods from a backup folder and loaded them directly into the MO2\mods directory.


Thank you for your help.

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Yes there are a couple of ways to do it.

From within the MO2 UI you just open the "Information" dialogue and on the 'Nexus Info' tab change the game via the dropdown menu labelled "Source game".


Or if you want to you can change the entry in each "meta.ini" file in each installed mod folder in MO2's mods folder. The entry is:


for Skyrim and it is:


for Skyrim Special Edition.


You could do a mass edit with a tool like Notepad++. It has the ability to search through all files including sub-folders and make the change in each.

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