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Bashed Patch is missing esp that conflicts with other mods. Looking for easy solution.


Hey there,


After making a break from modding for a while I´ve decided to pick it back up again so I´ve recently downloaded DIVERSE SKYRIM mod from Nexus together with Wrye Bash and made a bashed patch following the S.T.E.P tutorial.


Now my problem is, that after I made the bashed patch my LOOT says that for my bashed patch "Cloaks esp." and "Unofficial Skyrim Patch esp." need to be installed.


The cloaks aren´t a big problem. I just have to reinstall a mod I had before but if I install the Unofficial Skyrim Patch it conflicts with my Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch, wich however is a requirement for some other mods I´m running.


So what I need right now is a solution on how to make my bashed patch not need the Unofficial Skyrim patch or have Unofficial Skyrim Patch and Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch not conflict with each other.


Keep in mind I´m still kinda inexperienced at this and am using NMM not MO.


Thanks in advance for any help or advise.

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Make a dummy patch with the name for unofficial skyrim patch. Then change the master from unofficial skyrim to unofficial legendary inside wyrebash. You can do this by right clicking on the master inside wyrebash in the window on the right that lists all the masters for your bash patch.

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Did you install STEP  The instructions for the bashed patch there are mostly specific to STEP... they'll probably work for most load orders, but it's important you have the proper bash tags on your mods if you want the patch to work correctly, as well as the proper load order.


Also, your bashed patch should not have any mod not in your LO as a master... if you went away from modding for a time you may be using outdated .esp's/mods that require USKP (Unofficial Skyrim Patch) rather than USLEEP (Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch) (and Cloaks) that were imported into your bashed patch? (does Wrye Bash let you build a bashed patch with missing masters?  I don't think so but it's been a while since I messed with it) I would thoroughly check your mod profile to ensure all the mods you're using are up to date, and if one of those mods lists USKP as a master and hasn't updated for USLEEP... I'd suggest looking for something similar that's more recent/updated recently.


Unless you're willing/able to open xEdit and check your bashed patch to ensure that it isn't improperly overwriting USLEEP, I wouldn't recommend mucking about with masters.


Update your mods, make sure you dont have anything with missing masters (all dependencies are filled), re-build your bashed patch and you should be good to go.

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Oh and NMM might be a problem there also... been ages since I used it but the common complaint I hear is about it leaving behind files when uninstalling mods.  That plus the necessity to manage your install order/overwrites is no bueno.


Especially if you're not skilled/knowledgeable with general modding... Mod Organizer really is the best tool there is.  It might take just a little bit more learning to get started using, but once you understand a couple basic things, you will laugh at the thought of ever using NMM again.  And that extra learning really will benefit you moving forward as well, if you ever want to change your install.

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