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Wrye Bash will not load



When I run Wrye Bash via MO2 and click  "Skyrim Special Edition" nothing happens no error box nothing pops up. However When I click on anything else such as "Skyrim" or "Fallout 4" It loads right up and again i'm launching this via MO2.




I have all the latest c++ redistributables 2005-2015 so that's not an issue.


I uninstalled each one and reinstalled them to make sure they weren't corrupt or anything.



I can also run Wrye Bash perfectly fine outside of MO2 by clicking on "Skyrim Special Edition" it boots up fine but it just will not load via MO2.


I have also added -g "skyrim special edition" to the arguments and nothing


I have also tried "--game=Skyrim Special Edition" with quotes

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I had to use the DEV install of wrye bash to even use it with MO2.



if you scroll down to "installation" 

follow that guide



and run the debug via mo2

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It seems to be something in Windows that changed. I wasn't entirely sure at first last week but the timing seem too coincidental. Now there was another update and apparently xEdit works again. Wrye Bash seemed to start loading and recreated a blank bash file but then crashed afterward. I don't know if this is a problem with other Windows versions though.

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