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BodySlide 4.2.2 SSE not writing to overwrite folder


So I ran into an issue where I tried generating a body with SSE BodySlide using Oldrim UUNP, where BS 4.2.2 is ran through Mod Organizer


So I loaded BS, selected the body and the preset, hit build, exited BS, then MO didnt find new files in overwrite folder. I am sure I installed BS 4.2.2 correctly as the oldrim UUNP sildersets show up normally and when I CTRL-click batch build I see Calientetools under data/tools. Also, when I try a different folder (desktop for example), BS tells me that the folder is incorrect and doesn't exist (???)


I tried the 32 and 64 version of BS and also tried running MO as administrator. I'm assuming this has something to do with MO usvsf at the moment?


It seems it's overwriting the virtual file if it was found: 


(files marked with yellow are files I dulicated prior to bodysliding).


I have my paths set up like this:



USVFS log:



Here's the relevant logs:



23:16:55.482 <9976:12744> [D] CreateFileW [lpFileName=c:\steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\femalebody_0.nif] [reroute.fileName()=C:\Users\ruben\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\SkyrimSE\mods\UNP Female Body Renewal\meshes\actors\character\character assets\femalebody_0.nif] [dwDesiredAccess=40000000] [dwCreationDisposition=2] [dwFlagsAndAttributes=80] [res=000000000000063C] [::GetLastError()=b7]

23:16:55.492 <9976:12744> [D] CreateFileW [lpFileName=c:\steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\femalebody_1.nif] [reroute.fileName()=C:\Users\ruben\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\SkyrimSE\mods\UNP Female Body Renewal\meshes\actors\character\character assets\femalebody_1.nif] [dwDesiredAccess=40000000] [dwCreationDisposition=2] [dwFlagsAndAttributes=80] [res=000000000000062C] [::GetLastError()=b7]

C:\Users\ruben\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\SkyrimSE\mods\UNP Female Body Renewal\meshes\actors\character\character assets\femalebody_0.nif


C:\Users\ruben\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\SkyrimSE\overwrite\meshes\actors\character\character assets\femalebody_0.nif


reroute.fileName is acting funky?

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This has always been MO's behaviour, MO or MO2. If the file exists it is edited if it is a new file it will be created and found in 'overwrite'.

Any other behaviour you may have seen with any tools run from either MO or MO2 were in error, this is how it is supposed to work.


Please note the MO guide's description of 'Overwrite'.

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I enforced bodyslide to write files to a blank mod instead of overwrite, but that also doesn't work somehow.


  • If the application moves a file into the VFS and the filepath doesn't match a deleted file, the file goes to the overwrite directory.
  • If an application creates a new file, the same rules apply as for the move: If there was a file by the same name deleted recently, the new file goes to that mod, otherwise it goes to overwrite.
  1. Where it says "If an application creates a new file", does that mean when the path in vfs doesn't exist?
  2. Where it says " If there was a file by the same name deleted recently, the new file goes to that mod", does that also mean files that have been overwritten by a program sandboxed in vfs?

I think that ideally, the user should be able to individually select where new files and/or replaced files will go when ucvfs closes, instead of merging them to the overwrite folder. Write actions should happen in a temporary "reconcilation" folder so they can be compared when ucvfs closes using md5/crc32 and/or file timestamps.


Something like:


"Mod organizer has detected that Bodyslide has replaced or created (or deleted, is that a thing?) the following files:"


And then a table with (toggleable?) columns:

  • path relative to data,
  • old timestamp / new timestamp,
  • old size / new size,
  • old hash / new hash,
  • select list for existing mods
  • rollback checkbox (to delete created files or rollback replaced files)

Under that table you could add a row like:

  • textfield: foldername of a new mod
  • button: changed files (create new mod for all files changed)
  • button: created files (create new mod of new files created)
  • button: merge files (write replaced files back to their original mod)

The buttons would then change the select box on clicking them, and the user would enter a name for the new mod.


The user is then forced to click OK (closing the dialog or clicking cancel meaning all rollback checkboxes will be checked)

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Ideally maybe, but the coding involved in doing that would be needlessly complex when considering the few examples it sometimes does this.

When you consider the current codebase is now maintained by a coder that has little C++ knowledge and the chances of this happening is nil.

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