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Mod Organizer/Campfire DevKit Tutorial Issues



First, I'm new here, so sorry if this isn't the right forum for this, my bad.  Anyway, I use mod organizer and am trying to do the Campfire DevKit tutorials, but I'm having a problem; mainly, I don't seem to be able to attach Campfire scripts to objects in the creation kit.  In following the 'Hello, Chair' tutorial, I can't get past 'The Placeable Object' step in the tutorial because it asks me to attach a script to a chair.  I can attach the editor ID just fine, as well as everything else in the tutorial up until that point.  Interestingly enough, if I can find another object that already has the script I need ( CampPlaceableObject) attached, and click on the script, all of the sudden MO recognizes that script and will allow me to attach it to other objects.  I can get through the tutorial that way, but when I get in game and try to create the object from the tutorial (a placeable chair), the chair has no name (even though I am sure I gave it on in the CK) and it doesn't show up in my inventory when I make it either.


I have tried practically everything, including completely uninstalling and reinstalling Skyrim and the CK.  I've searched on google to see if anyone else has had this problem, and as a last resort even contacted Chesko.  I came here on the suggestion of GamerPoets, so I'm really hoping someone here can help me out.  Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to at least read this, more so to those who respond.  I have screen recording software and can make a video if that will help.

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I'll be honest and say upfront I have never used the CK from inside MO that referenced scripts from another mod but...


I believe the issue is MO is NOT seeing any script that is installed via MO, ie. the scripts are contained in a mod within MO's structure.

Following the tutorial as you did I too was unable to place the 'placeable object', because that script was unavailable to the CK to work with. So, I copied ALL the compiled and source scripts into the actual game's Script folder and then hid those from the DevKit inside MO and tried again.

Voilá! Now all those scripts are accessible and can be used in the CK.


I have no idea if all the authors in the past, such as @Chesko, just had those in their game install anyway and just assumed MO would be similar, but there you go. I am confident you can continue now.

Would be very interested to hear from other authors that use the CK inside MO.

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Thanks so much for your help Grant!  It worked perfectly.  I don't quite know what you meant by "...and then hid those from the DevKit inside MO", but what I did was copy all the scripts from inside the DevKit files into my scripts folder in game (the source folder as well) went through the tutorial, got through it with no problems,  Then I just deleted the DevKit scripts from the game folder, loaded the game, everything works fine.  I don't know if it is fine to just leave the DevKit scripts in the game folder or not.  Still, though, I'm just glad I can actually do the tutorials now.  Thanks again for your help!

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