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[Suggestion] Profile-specific shortcut for MO


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Just a small suggestion for a possible future update. Add the ability to easily create a "Profile Specific Shortcut" to Mod Organizer. I've researched a little and found that it is possible to do so, already, but it could be interesting for it to be a simplified function of the program itself within the "Manage Profiles" window, like an extra "Create Shortcut" button between "Rename" and "Transfer Saves". 

(PS: This is my first post to this forum and I am deeply sorry if this is not the correct section for it .-.)

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Welcome to STEP @GabrielJack


This sub-forum is specific to topics relating to the MO wiki but your observation is valid.

There is very little likelihood that there will be any future MO development. @Tannin has recently been employed by Nexus as the lead developer for NMM and the latest MO development of MO version 2 has slowed to a stop with very little outside development taking place.

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