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New to MO...just migrated from NMM. And I apologize if this question is dumb or out of place. 


I am playing Enderal after a two year hiatus from Skyrim. I installed Skyrim clean and then installed Enderal. It runs fine. I have SMIM and MoreHUd installed. They show in the data files section of the Enderal lauvher. 


I set up MO because NMM  (which I used for several years in Skyrim) won't recognize or load in the latest versions and won't load some mods. Specifically Skyrim Enhanced Camera and pastel Map Markers. 


MO installed them fine. And I like the interface and profiles seem to work 


The game plays fine and SMIM and MoreHUd seem to be working.


My question...my concern, really...is that I am getting a warning in the upper right hand corner--"There are files in your overwrite mod," "No guided fix." 


When I go to my overwrite mod the only file in there is SKSE. I do not have a separate mod version of it installed--it is built into Enderal. So I am at a loss as to why SKSE is in the overwrite mod and confused as to what to do about it. the options and explanations are not clear...or maybe I'm just thick.


In any case, I would greatly appreciate some help and/or any thoughts that you may wish to share. 

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