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MO Loads everything but loose files in FO4 (esm,esp OK / no textures mods, no UI mods)





I have a strange issue with MO, perhaps the answer is trivial but i could'nt find it by myself and anywhere else :


I use MO2, with Fallout 4.

I launch f4se via the MO2 UI, all mods seem to be loaded, (.esp files appear in the ingame FO4 'Mods' section and are effective ingame (scripts triggering with feedback messages, 'Immersive Hud' hiding feature working)... BUT  any 'loose file' content (ie textures, user interface mods) don't show/work in game.

Tested with clean new games. I'm puzzled.


MO2 f4se gives me that problem since i reinstalled fallout 4 on my SSD (in a different install path).
Everything worked fine with my previous install (files versions of MO, FO4, f4se matching and working together).

I reinstalled MO along with FO4 (as cleanly as possible i think, i just copied f4se, enb & reshade files back to FO4 folder).

I used a fully modded 'instance' MO, and a fully modded 'portable' MO afterwards, the two gave me the same issue.


Could it be some permission problem? which folder/file in that case? Some remnants from previous install of MO/FO4 that interfere or some setting in some FO .ini file, or just a setting in MO that i missed ?



Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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I just figured it out : for some reason archive invalidation was missing from .ini files


I added manually those lines to Falloutprefs.ini and Fallout4.ini (you can do it via Mod Organizer "INI editor" tool) :




And now everything works :)

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