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Mod Organizer and Wrye Bash Help Needed



Hello, I am not good with modding apparently. I have way too many mods and my game is so screwed up that it works 63% of the time. Really could use the help, which is greatly appreciated. 

My issues: 

I'll start with MO. I'm getting the warning/notification that the following plugins cannot be loaded: proxyPython.dll in my C drive, where Skyrim and MO are installed. I do believe it is installed properly, it's just been so long since I've installed it. Used the GamerPoets video as a guide. This notice has been around for a while, and I am wondering what it is and how to fix it. My game has been running alright (CTD without error notices constantly) but I am patient and sometimes it works. I recently started a new game and deleted a lot of mods, but I guess not enough. Now I'm stuck in the Candelhearth Hall in Windhelm and it crashes every time I try to leave. Which brings me to my next issue: 

I think the crash has to do with a mod, so I'm trying to update my Bashed Patch. I go to run WryeBash through MO and it brings up the Oblivion folder and Disables everything Skyrim related (mods and the Skyrim.esm and Update.esm). I've had this issue before but I think it corrected itself somehow. So I'm wondering how to correct it myself because it is quite frustrating seeing as how certain .esps were disabled in the load order and I can't remember which so they might be contributing to my crashes now. 

Anyway, this is my favorite game and I got greedy with all the sweet, wonderful mods out there. I have mods from Steam and primarily the Nexus. I just want to play without issues and I'm sure there are more than what I've stated but I could really use some help. 

I am not good with some tech things, so I ask in advance (if you decide to help me) to be patient with me. I'm not sure what to post (mods, load order, .esps, etc.) so just let me know. 

Thanks so much in advance. 

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Alright, a small update. I loaded an earlier save in Riften's Inn (doing Helgen Reborn quest so I'm recruiting people) and it seemed to work fine. I went to save and quit, and it froze during saving but no crash (a less common problem, but it has happened). So, I think maybe there's a problem with Windhelm? But I also have crashes pretty commonly elsewhere and on saving. Always without an error notice. 

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