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Building Mod Organizer from source



Has anyone (other than Tannin) successfully built Mod Organizer 2.07 from source?


Any chance of tips or insights?


There are a ton of undocumented prerequisites (including a specific version of Visual Studio),

and the Python tracebacks on a missing prereq are worse than abysmal.


In modorganizer-umbrella-master I have gotten to a failure in hg.py, where it is ready to fetch the source for NMM (???).

This is task "retrieve codehgdev45".


Any pointers or a write-up on the build process would be really appreciated.


This is needed at this point because Mod Organizer is effectively abandoned.


Thanks! (and I am really starting to hate Python)


I have to post this specific error message I am getting. One for the records:


"Task retrieve codehgdev45 failed: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable"

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The issue created is https://github.com/TanninOne/modorganizer/issues/995 for anybody who wants to follow directly.


Yesterday night I had a short look into how the build system works. It's rather hard to build it due to

  • it has some kind of package management for all it's needed dependency
  • all dependencies are built (I have read about debug builds.. normally as a use you don't want to use debug builds, trust me, I have years of experience with that professionally, especially not from your dependencies).
  • therefore the sources of them are downloaded. There are huge ones on that, I just name three: boost (framework), Qt (another framework, similar purpose but with HMI support), NMM (yes the mod manager from Nexus iself)

I would work on greatly simplifying the build process for the user for a start. We could discuss this here if you're interested. And of course if there is somebody among you having some cmake or at least experience with setting up or maintaining such a build system.


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