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Switching from NMM to Mod Organizer



I'm almost 60 mods in and attempting to follow some of the better modding guides which right now is Dirty Weasel's series on Skyrim.  The other is 'Skyrim Ultimate Modding Guide' by DonProtein on the Nexus.  The problem is it seems to mod with the least amount of trouble one must have the flexibility that Mod Organizer gives one.  At least the guides I'm following tend to use this tool  instead of NMM.  And that brings me to switching while maintaining my current mods.  I do not want to reinstall from scratch.  So - is this possible?  Is there a thread or guide somewhere to do this?  I am using Windows 10.


Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to STEP @Vermithraxxx


There is a guide to follow with regards to migrating from NMM to MO, it is linked via the MO wiki, which is also the default help system accessed through the MO UI.


As the guide describes, using NMM means the 'Data' folder will now be in a mess and just adding mods with MO will not be as easy as you may want. The 'Data' folder will need to be restored to a "vanilla" state.

Read through that guide, and the MO wiki in full and feel free to ask any question you like that isn't answered there, we will happily step you through anything that is not clear to you.

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