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HP Pavilion thoughts?



I'm considering buying this laptop. Any comments as to its potential for running games overall, and STEP-modded Skyrim?


Hardware Specifications of HP Pavilion 17-g121wm Best Laptop Under 500 Dollars

  Processor AMD Quad Core A10-8700P 1.8GHz Processor (Max Turbo up to 3.2GHz) RAM 8GB DDR3L SDRAM Storage 1 TB SATA Hard Drive Graphics AMD Radeon R6 Graphics (4352 MB) Display 17.3 Inch HD BrightView WLED backlit display with 1600×900 Resolution Operating System Windows 10 64-bit OS


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I wouldn't. For a laptop you're going to need something closer to one of these in the graphics card department to play smoothly at High settings. If you choose a graphics card that is even lower on the pole than the ones I've listed, then keep in mind the lower your settings will have to be to play smoothly. Lower than one of these and you'll be looking more into Medium settings on most games.



GeForce GTX 970M

GeForce GTX 880M

GeForce GTX 680M


Radeon HD 8970M

Radeon HD 7970M


Sorry to say but if you're looking for a laptop to game on as your main system, you're going to be spending between $800-$1500. That's the trade off for mobility...cost.

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Regardless of the specs, I would advise against buying an HP laptop. I've owned two pavilions dv7, and unless you like having a jet engine in your house, with a graphics card that stops working after mere months, you'd better off be buying from another manufacturer.

Their desktop PCs are good tho, it's just that they seem unable to get fans working on laptops.

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FWIW, I was gaming on medium anyway on my previous box (Toshiba Satellite C-70 with an AMD...model nr...?), and it worked well enough to enjoy the game immensely. Call me an uncultured barbarian, but I wasn't picky about minor striping or the medium settings and resolution. The game play is the key for me: does the game flow smoothly, is the AI consistent, logical (ish), and is the storyline worth it? Skyrim- with or without mods - is great, but the potato I'm typing on now has an integrated Intel GPU. It can barely keep up with unmodded Skyrim or CAD apps I use for FTF gaming (us old guys like rolling dice!).


It would be worth it to game on a not-quite-Superman rig if I can actually play the game without a CTD on load up or after every 20 minutes. Ironically, I don't have my desk (and hence, desktop) anymore, cuz it holds the HDTV and XBOX360...where I play SRLE. Dang kids.


I would like to know if Windows 10 will continue to fail reading the game (fatal errors 0x00000c)? I hate Windows...especially 10.

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