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  1. I updated to Windows 10 Fall Creator's build, but I Windows keeps saying my GPU is not the NVIDIA but the Intel Etcha-sketch default. Theoretically, I can now use more than the 4MB of VRAM for running mods and such. However, when I run the VRAM Test, it still shows only 4MB. How do I tell the laptop to default use the NVIDIA GPU and not the Intel craptastic one? I don't want to tell Windows to shut off the Intel processor and then the computer melts into a paperweight (10 bonus points if anyone knows what a paperweight is). Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.63GHZ 8MB RAM 64-bit Windows 10 version 1709, build 16299.192 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M Intel HD530
  2. Dang. I was going for my Junior Detective Badge
  3. So, I scoured the MO help threads for this issue, and as far as I know, I am the only person that has reported it (yay me). I have: ASUS GL553VW Signature Ed. Intel quad Core i7-6700HQ @2.6 GHz RAM: 8.00GB Windows10 64bit NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M Screen: 1980x1080 @60Hz I initially had issues (still do) with Windows 10 Security: as the built-in Administrator, I had no permissions. Weird...huh. I tried to change permissions on folders, and even using Advanced permissions, I couldn't fully change some folders as I got a "Failed to Enumerate Contents" error. And maybe I'm dense, but I can't tell what the child-parent permissions options will actually do; the language seems vague. I partitioned the HD, and under A:/Games installed Steam and Skyrim. I was going thru the STEP procedures, and all seemed well after the previous debacle using a SSD. Until... I cleaned a mod using XEdit run thru MO, and the Overwrite folder failed to delete the TES5Edit Backup folder while using MO. In Windows Explorer, it told me I had no permissions to even open it. I disabled UAC and went to delete TES5Edit, but it was gone. Now, when I run XEdit, the TES5Edit backup folder is not written into Overwrite in MO. Instead, it writes it to the mod folder itself. I see the meta.ini file date is updated, but cannot tell if the mod was actually cleaned after running XEdit. I presume it is, but can't tell. My big concern is whether this will wind up being an issue for things like generating a Bashed Patch and a FNIS Patch, since they both output to the overwrite folder. I suppose I could copy and save my profiles and mods so far and reload them after reinstalling MO (since I haven't actually got any saves). But something tells me that this is a Win10 problem. Also to note, secpol.msc is not found; I had to reload a few corrupted files right out of the box. Not an auspicious way to start. A friend of mine related that he had worked on a similar issue with Win10 Security issues on ASUS boxes. Yes, it's a laptop...sorry. -- PlkP
  4. For its size it was worth it. I'm back to partitioning the C: on the HD. I also dropped the little cuss, which does not help.
  5. Thanks to everyone for their advice. As for the laptop, it's the only option right now. I will just partition C: and work from a separate drive for games. I am not now running any games from programs (learned that on STEP). Disabling UAC: That is one solution I haven't tried. In theory, I own all the folders already. In theory...
  6. Have a new ASUS GL553VW x64 Quad core i7-6700 2.6GHz; 8GB ram (7.86 useable now), NVIDIA GeGTX960 GPU. Runs Windows 10 64b. I'm Using a Western Digital external SSD (2TB) on the USB-3 port to run my games and Steam. My last used laptop was a Toshiba with an i3 and and HD integrated etcha-sketch GPU. It gave me awful crashes, mainly due to 0x00000c and a lot of memory issues, plus C++ whenever animations got to be too much. Corrupted graphics were pretty common. I still get CTDs. Mainly, I get UAC issues not letting me delete from the overwrite folder in MO because I don't have admin privileges (no, really, I do; I am the built-in admin). Is it better to keep my setup on the SSD or partition the hard drive and install games there? I did that on an earlier rig, a Toshiba Satellite on Win7, and it ran all my games, including Skyrim STEP, well. Playable, if not dazzlingly wonderful. Either way, I'd be starting from fresh, since I'm about to backup and then erase the SSD just because it's time to do it. DISCLAIMER: The WD SSD failed a sector check, so it's possible the drive is broked and that's what's contributing to the CTD. Ida thunk this wouldn't be a problem, since this is supposed to be a gaming laptop, but then again, I'm kind of a moron. -The Colonel
  7. FWIW, I was gaming on medium anyway on my previous box (Toshiba Satellite C-70 with an AMD...model nr...?), and it worked well enough to enjoy the game immensely. Call me an uncultured barbarian, but I wasn't picky about minor striping or the medium settings and resolution. The game play is the key for me: does the game flow smoothly, is the AI consistent, logical (ish), and is the storyline worth it? Skyrim- with or without mods - is great, but the potato I'm typing on now has an integrated Intel GPU. It can barely keep up with unmodded Skyrim or CAD apps I use for FTF gaming (us old guys like rolling dice!). It would be worth it to game on a not-quite-Superman rig if I can actually play the game without a CTD on load up or after every 20 minutes. Ironically, I don't have my desk (and hence, desktop) anymore, cuz it holds the HDTV and XBOX360...where I play SRLE. Dang kids. I would like to know if Windows 10 will continue to fail reading the game (fatal errors 0x00000c)? I hate Windows...especially 10.
  8. Thought so. They had mixed reviews and the common theme to the negatives were the breakdowns (as in, stops working).
  9. I'm considering buying this laptop. Any comments as to its potential for running games overall, and STEP-modded Skyrim? Hardware Specifications of HP Pavilion 17-g121wm Best Laptop Under 500 Dollars Processor AMD Quad Core A10-8700P 1.8GHz Processor (Max Turbo up to 3.2GHz) RAM 8GB DDR3L SDRAM Storage 1 TB SATA Hard Drive Graphics AMD Radeon R6 Graphics (4352 MB) Display 17.3 Inch HD BrightView WLED backlit display with 1600×900 Resolution Operating System Windows 10 64-bit OS
  10. Intel HD Graphics Family is pretty well useless for anything other than reading propaganda from Microsoft or Intel. After installing STEP, running LOOT, cleaning mods with TESVEdit, and building a Bashed Patch, the new profile worked...until I left Whiterun for a little quest at Valtheim. Each time it's the graphics adapter failing. Sadly, the solution here is a new rig.
  11. I got the same problem, but with a twist (or else I am dopey, which has often been true): I didn't find and installers.dat file in the Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Mods\Bash Installers\Bash\ folder. I did get something similar: WryeBash wasn't reading/seeing many of the .esm files I had loaded and present. It created the bashed patch without an issue (I think). Seems to work. But it's...uh, annoying? Vaguely worrying? And I'm sure the strange noises and chanting in the basement are nothing at all.
  12. Not to sound stupid or ignorant (oops, too late for me), but how hard is it to swap out GPU in a laptop? When I used a tower, it was easy enough to unscrew the back to access the cards, but the process of removing my old HD from the previous Toshiba was complex. I keep getting the CTD with the Havoc thread as the culprit. But since the previous Toshiba using Win7 and the AMD ran the same load order flawlessly, I have to conclude there's something wrong with Win 10 (yeah! I know - crazy, right?) that I can't fix or optimize. Except with a hammer. -- Pebcack
  13. Another dumb question (if I were smart, i'd either figure this out or do what you do): I use ENB Injector since I use a laptop. Is the ENBlocal.ini still the same? I'm going thru this one step at a time (pun intended) to see where in the install process I can break it. Speaking of enbocal...I just changed two hugeazz errors that I shoulda noticed early on.
  14. So, that wasn't the fix, either. Also, I get the infamous purple texture right before a situation where there is a CTD. Different mods, never repeats. Weird that way. Also, I verified my cache using the Properties tab in Steam. I kept getting "1 File did not verify and will be reacquired." No sure which file, nor when it would reacquire. Finally, I changed permissions to all subfolders in my Games folder of the SSD. Before that, I had a problem using Body Slide 2: it kept giving me "Failed to find Game Path or game reg key" error. Now it doesn't. And still getting CTD. Meh...
  15. I have come to the same conclusion. I did some testing but will do some more to make sure that there is where the wheels fall off the apple cart. So far, I think of not a single mod the needs it. I use the mem blocks log to see where the memory patch is running when the CTD happens. So far, the highest is 339 MB; oddly, it has crashed in Whiterun near the blacksmith at 240 but crashed going from Riverwood up the road to Bleak Falls Barrow and pegged at 339. Thanks, Grant. --Pravda
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