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SRLE LotD - Combat discussion

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Ok, lets start with the fact that Skyrim has pretty limited combat, and there isn't a lot to be done about that.


So, the combat mods out there try and make enemies a bit smarter have value.


And then there are the ones liek Vigor and Wildcat that start messing with the mechanics, and add stamina,  stagger and injuries, and I just don't think any of them have improved it... just made it way more lethal, in both directions. It all becomes a question of who hits first, gets the stagger in, and game over.


The full body stagger is just ridiculous, IMO.


Curious what other people (whu might have better reflexes than me) think.

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I think staggering would make kinda sense after being bashed with a shield-like hit. But that's it. Beside that it's pretty absurd. Even if you are fighting for your life, toy would rather fall and try in a clumsy way to stand up waving your sword than staying whining on the floor waiting to catch your breath in the middle of an enemy's swing.



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yeah the stagger lock is stupid. 


With the full LoTD install tho i didnt find combat overly hard. Just wasnt a fan of the stagger. A wolf catching you off guard can stagger lock and kill you. 


Requiem is still harder than the full LoTD install. 


Have to say coming from requiem and trying other things really shows that nothing compares.

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