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  1. All i did was forward the conflicting records from my patch into the npc fixer patch. I played for a good 10 hours with no ctds. Cleared fellglow keep, and a few other mage infested forts and caves. AAE to be fully compatible and integrated tho needs further patching. Cloaks and npc retextures conflict with it. My patch only covers YASH. I also installed some of sir jestos patches. Check darths guide for reference. Did my own custom merge for that. Once the requiem guide is finished being updated i am dumping YASH. Requiem is better in every single way.
  2. cool. good to see some action in this thread again. lets not let these guides fade out. Ruscky found a solution to the immersive horses issue in the requiem guide.
  3. yeah its a good idea but i dont have the disc space to do that. My skyrim folder as it stands right now is 86GB in size lol. Thats the entire yash guide plus majority of textures from SRLE LOTD. Whats crazy is that number DOES NOT include a couple large mods like LOTD itself and interesting NPCs because those were downloaded manually and put into my "pending mods" folder outside of the skyrim directory. Add those and my skyrim folder would be even more bloated. I dont delete mods in the download folder. I just select "remove from view" after installing.
  4. Forgive me if this seems too obvious but is your ENB local set correctly? When i used Darths LOTD guide i was having a lot of CTD's in combat due to what im almost sure were memory issues. I was also using windows 10 and i didnt set crash fixes properly. My memory usage was going over 4GB which was causing freezes and ctds. On windows 7 if crash fixes is setup correctly and your ENB local is configured correctly i cant imagine why you would have any memory issues especially with your hardware. https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENBlocal_INI/Memory
  5. Awesome. If you got it to work stick with requiem...its a LOT better. I LOVE requiem. I am using NLA at the moment.
  6. Me too. I typically only keep the vanilla skyrim profile and then my "modded" setup whatever that may be. Otherwise its waaaay to confusing and cluttered. If i redo something ( like switching from requiem to yash) i nuke everything and start from scratch. The core is basically the same sure but its a mess of patches and redoing merges.....just simpler to start over. Dwonside is these guides and heavy mod lists in general take for me...minimum of like 3 solid days to install lol. The merges alone took me all night to finish. If you have a busy real life schedule it could take a full week to install.
  7. I attempted to patch it but it didnt work. Its the horse race record being overwritten that causes the issue. Loading the immersive horses patch below MA and wildcat DOES solve the problem. I tested it. I just didnt like doing that because its a deviation from the guide. im kinda OCD like that My current YASH setup functions flawlessly. Minus some light issues with claralux which i THINK doing a reset in game fixed. Looks AMAZING also.
  8. Not intended to be a knock on the authors. But its an issue/mistake. Obviously i like the guides or i wouldnt use them..... This thread was for bug reporting...and immersive horses definitely is an issue. YASH is alright but Requiem is FAAR better. IMO.
  9. There is no left pane limit....only a PLUGIN limit. I have seen people with up to 1000 mods...yes one thousand in their left pane. Right now i have around 500 in my own left pane. Doesnt reflect that in modwatch due to merges. The only reason i can think why your mods wouldnt show up in game is if you didnt have fileselection enabled in your ini files.
  10. Believe JD answered a similar question pages back......using newest versions is perfectly fine. Changes are more than likely very minor. Cant remember what version i installed cause its been a couple weeks. But i installed newer version than whats in guide and everythings fine.
  11. Yes and no. The patches and load order are setup in a way that adjusting load order like that will mess up the patches of other mods. In order to fix that issue the patches and load order would need to be redone. Immersive horses is completely broken as is in the requiem guide and for that reason i stopped using it and switched to YASH. Immersive horses patch (the traders patch) to function correctly needs to be below both minor arcana and wildcat if you use it....which doesnt work with this guide like i said due to how the patches and load order are setup. One possible solution might be to remove the immersive horses patch from requiem patches merged....rebuild the merge WITHOUT that patch and then load the patch by itself below everything i mentioned. Over sight apparently during development of guide.
  12. I run the YASH setup on windows 10. Didnt use SMC but instead manually installed textures based on SRLE and the LOTD extended guides. Used all 1k and 2k textures. Mostly 1k. I barely get ctds. So it is possible. Reduce your texture sizes and check memory usage with skyrim performance monitor.
  13. Wrye Bash works fine for me. Are you using the standalone executable with the Mopy folder extracted to skyrim directory? Is it properly setup as an executable inside MO?
  14. Welcome. Guide was designed to be compatible with ANY ENB preset you want. I would follow the NLA merge section of the WLSO part of the guide and just substitute NLVA instead. Believe you would also need to install vivid weathers (without the esp). NLVA uses the textures from it. Not sure what patch you are referring to but i dont think its needed.
  15. In addition to what nozzer said make sure you are NOT using the newest relinker. use version 40. new one has issues which caused CTD at menu for me.
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