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  1. Interesting point, Lexy. Yeah, I keep forgetting about that silver thing. Although my ability to damage Draugr seems alright, it's more their ability to lay the smackdown on me, hehe. But I take your point, I'll try and remember to find a good silver weapon to use vs. undead.
  2. Hmmm, guess it's just me then. To be fair, my installation is so far out of date compared with what you guys are using, it's probably not realistic to expect you all to know what's going on with mine, hehe. Thanks anyway. Happy modding all. Ron
  3. So, granted, I'm using an older version of SRLE Ext:LOTD, so maybe this is just an artifact of that older version. But just in case it's not, I'm just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same thing. I was playing yesterday (in one of the Falksaar dungeons) which happened to be populated by Draugr. And, for only the second time in my ~100 hours of this playthrough, I was forced to turn on godmode, because otherwise it was completely impossible to get through. Both times I've had to do this it was the same thing; Draugr. I get the impression that the game seems to think I can take on this particular creature at a much higher level than I actually can. This dungeon was heavily populated by Scourge, Deathlords, Hulks, and even a Commander. Any one of which was routinely one-shotting me from full health to zero. If it was just one at a time I could do okay if I was careful, but there were packs of two, three, or four, and the end room had a large contingent of them. I don't seem to have this issue with anything else, even in packs, it's a fair fight. But something is off with the Draugr for me in terms of combat balance. Anyone else have this, or is it just me? Ron
  4. I don't have any insights into in-game lag, but your loadup time is not entirely unusual. Three to Five minutes is completely normal for me to boot up Skyrim (and I have what I consider to be a pretty beastly system). That's not a first time thing, that's EVERY time (if I crash to desktop and have to reload, it's somewhat shortened, two or three minutes). I record my sessions, so I know exactly how long it takes (as I have to cut that loadup time off during editing). Granted I use an older version of the guide, so take this with a grain of salt. But I wouldn't necessarily stress about it taking a while to boot up (in-game lag is a different story).
  5. Funny that should come up now. I just did this part of the main quest last week and was surprised to see the horn there as well. I have to admit it did throw me :) Good to see everything is working fine and all is well.
  6. Appears to be dead. When a developer says "I haven't had time to work on it in the last few months", it's dead.
  7. Awesome! That's encouraging. Yeah, I suspect, like many games, the second GPU would go more or less unused (some games use that second GPU for physics, I don't know if that's the case for SSE or not). However, SSE should be able to use the VRAM off of both cards, so you should get more textures on the cards rather than on RAM. That being said, if you have overflow of textures onto the second card's VRAM, it would still have to be transferred across the SLI to the primary card to be rendered on a per-frame basis. I don't have any experience with that kind of setup myself (in a programing sense, I did have a pair of 970s SLI'd at one point, but strictly as a user, not a coder), so I don't know what the transfer rate is compared to transfer from RAM to VRAM. I'd expect it to be faster, but that's just a wild guess on my part.
  8. Last I heard, Paul, there were no plans afoot to update SkyUI to the SSE, which is going to be a big problem for mod compatibility. Do you know of any news on that front? We got about 30-40% compatibility (depending on the particular mod package) right off the bat with SSE. I predict once we get skse we'll get another third of the remaining mods (some will "just work", others will need tweaking, so maybe figure by April/May), binging us up to around 2/3rds of the entire set. That leaves the remaining 1/3rd of mods that will either have to be replaced with something else or just dropped altogether. Someday I really want to try the Requim or YASH packages with SSE, and I hope that will become possible. Not holding my breath though :)
  9. There's your problem. If you are running 32 bit Skyrim in combination with Win8, 8.1, or 10, then you are hitting your VRAM limit, which maxes out at 3.2 GB (regardless of what is actually on your card). It's a limitation of DirectX 9 (not really Skyrim's fault). With your huge resolution, you are asking skyrim to render more textures than will fit in that space, and it's running those textures across the video buss every frame (a very slow process). Thus your low frame rates. Fix: downgrade to Win7 (doesn't have the VRAM limitation), or upgrade Skyrim to 64 bit (used DirectX 10+, which also doesn't impose that limit). The latter sounds good, but be aware, many mods still don't work with the Special Edition version of Skyrim. Last I heard SKSE was coming to the SE in March, which may end up getting us a whole new batch of compatible mods. Though I suspect there will end up being a whole trove of mods that will never be converted for the SE edition.
  10. This bit right here would make YASH a non-starter for me (which is too bad, I wanted to mod SSE with YASH once that became viable to do). If it's in Requiem I will be turning that feature off. I don't like mods that tell me how to play like this. Make it more difficult? Sure, I'm on board, if I have to go through a dozen lock picks to open a chest, then fine, that seems fair enough, if it's properly balanced to the difficulty of the chest and my skill in lockpicking. Make it impossible just because I don't have "Perk X"? No.
  11. They updated the page a few days ago, looks like their shooting for Mid March for a beta release of SKSE64. https://skse.silverlock.org/ If true, it's only a couple of months away now, not that long!
  12. I'm using a gtx1070 in my video series, so you can go see first hand the performance I'm getting (although because of my video capture equipment, I have to run at 1080p rather than 1440p). I am basically running the stock SRLE Extended LOTD guide, very little did I change. Also, it should be mentioned that I'm running Win8, so I'm not fully taking advantage of the card. In fact, the GPU itself is hardly breaking a sweat running the game, my limiting factor is that 4GB memory limit.
  13. Yeah, give that a try and see if Vanilla works. In theory, the ENB shouldn't cause vanilla to crash, but you never know. So the last section you installed was "Other Fixes". I'd turn off each mod, one by one (starting with Critter fixes, then working your way up), running the game each time, until you no longer crash. That will give you the exact offending mod that is causing you issues (and be sure to check for those missing masters!). Also carefully reread that section of the guide and make sure you didn't miss anything. It's surprisingly easy to skip over some little thing only to have it bite you in the backside later on :)
  14. Yeah, that's the big problem with the video series, it's static, while the guide is continually updated, so it's gone out of date. I would say watch a few episodes. It gives you an idea of how to install mods, what to look for, etc. Then use that knowledge to install the most recent version of the guide. Go back to the vids if you are confused about some aspect of the install (presuming there is a corresponding vid for that part of the guide). I would for use use the most current version of the guide though. Neo, Darth, Lexy, and Paul (and others) put a lot of work into them, and they are constantly improving. The new landscape stuff is pretty neat (I can't install it, since I've started my playthrough, and therefore have locked it to that version, but I have another profile that I mess with and keep an eye on changes, and it's pretty good stuff, hehe). So yeah, stick with the most current version you can. As for crashes, make sure you keep an eye on the right panel. If you have any mods with exclamation signs on them, that means they are missing a master. Turn them off before running. I've found that's the most common cause of crashes during a test during mid-install of the guide. Do keep in mind, the CR patch isn't installed until the very end, so you will have a bit of inherent instability in your game because of that (conflicts between mods can cause CTD). But that's relatively rare, you shouldn't be constantly crashing just because you don't have in the CR patch yet. As for vanilla crashing...Did you also turn off your ENB when you ran vanilla? Remember that is done outside of MO. What was the last set you installed before the crashing began?
  15. Well, there are others that are more of an expert than I am, and maybe they have a different answer than I do. But my feeling is, no, you should not wait until a complete install to run. You should run the game after each section at the very least, just to make sure everything is working okay up to that point. Otherwise, if you wait until the very end to run, and it crashes on start-up, you are going to have no idea where to look. Whereas if you have the same scenario after installing just a few mods, you have a pretty good idea where to look to find the problem. Note that I ran Loot and sorted my esps prior to each run, but didn't do any other special processing. In certain situations this may cause a crash or an error message to appear (e.g. for a while there if you remove your character's clothes, you will crash because the skeleton isn't set up yet, or you will get an error message opening up the map because you haven't turned off the check in the MCM settings yet). That kind of thing is expected and normal, but in general, the game runs pretty well even with only a partial install, as long as your esps are sorted, and you turn off any esps with missing masters.
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