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  1. Wow I should change to UNP. Those armors looks rad! Sent with OnePlus One, with Tapatalk
  2. ok. something very weird happened to my game. Just made a new SR:LE game a few days ago, an wasn't really interacting with any other NPCs. happens that I just cant get into buy/sell window with merchants and innkeepers, blacksmiths etc. the conversation "what you have for sale?" and the spell or potions question it's not triggering the trade window. tried at many locations . Nothing. its like somethig its stoping the script or something like that. I know its out of the topic but just discovered O.O! maybe something is not working properly on a specific mod or something? haalp
  3. I think staggering would make kinda sense after being bashed with a shield-like hit. But that's it. Beside that it's pretty absurd. Even if you are fighting for your life, toy would rather fall and try in a clumsy way to stand up waving your sword than staying whining on the floor waiting to catch your breath in the middle of an enemy's swing. Sent with OnePlus One, with Tapatalk
  4. Hmmm I honestly used CBBE instead of UNP body type. But yeah, I'm missing those clothing/armor mods. Is it really worth it UNP? [emoji53] Sent with OnePlus One, with Tapatalk
  5. don't use immersive horses. Use convenient Horses. i find it more practical. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14950/?
  6. Agree. It's going to be a new challenge to deal with with the remastered edition coming now soon, so a break would he just damn fine and deserved for you. Sent with OnePlus One, with Tapatalk
  7. All the files of the vividian ENB where placed following the guide. They works. They problem is not the ENB. (beside being very taxing on my fps, no clues why, considering I don't have a bad notebook, quite like Neo's rig) Sent with OnePlus One, with Tapatalk
  8. heheheh hey Guard. yeah. it happened to me one time in the pass as well hehehe but nope. this time. it wasn't this. but well. nothing to do for this modded Skyrim. I started a clean clean clean new version and im creating backups Skyrim folders (it's the best I can think of it right now) I'll be adding mods from time to time untill im done doing everything by the book. thanks for your kindness anyway. I'll post (if you guys don't mind) some updates on this as soon as I m able to run it again and fingerscrossed, it works :( I hope. standby!
  9. Ok. I Just runned the Vanilla Skyrim created at the beginning and It CTD during the scape at the start, right entering the cells with Ralof.So I guess it's a matter of my Notebook (dell 15 inspiron series 7000, Nvidia GeForce 960m 4gb vRam, 16gb memory Ram, SD 258gb ) or the Vanilla Masters and the official high textures are buggy...or the Gods don't want me to play Skyrim. Enviado desde mi A0001 mediante Tapatalk
  10. Hi T0rvaldaLI installed some other mods that I really just couldn't not have running since I think they are indispensable for a neat game. Would it help if I put my load order list in a link here? I have monitor. I'm not an expert but I installed in MO. I'll see how it behave. Enviado desde mi A0001 mediante Tapatalk
  11. Hey everyone. Just wanted the share this feeling. Spent 4 days, many hours a day, trying to get this Skyrim Revisited legendary step project. ... It's 5:09 in the morning... Im falling asleep. When I was sure it was ready, run the game, choose the vanilla start, game crashed CTD when the Dragon shouted. ... Choose another start, cabin in the woods: crashed half second after game loaded. Couldn't even see it. CTD. I'm devastated. Enviado desde mi A0001 mediante Tapatalk
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