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No Dragon LODs for SRLE/ Extended: A quick tutorial

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You may or may not be aware of the mod No Dragon LODs. It simply removed a Far Away Distance model from dragons. If you've ever seen a gray dragon flying around without moving in the distance- this is the LOD. 


The mod covers basic dragons from vanilla, but since we have added dragons from mods, this won't apply. Users of SRLE Extended may still have Automation Tools installed, and this is all we need to correct this. 



I'll be giving directions for SRLE extended in it's current state, but this applies to SRLE as well. 


Open your dragon related mods in TESVEdit. 



Open up the Diverse Dragons patch, right click NPCs, and Deep Copy As Override into... and create a new patch. 




Repeat this process for the other two Dragon mods. Afterwards, add the Diverse Dragons - Deadly Dragons patch a Master for the new patch as well, so LOOT sorts it below this patch. 


Next, right click your new mod and Apply Script. Then, select AT Quick Change. 






In the Quick Change Dialogue box, select Replace from the dropdown. 


In the first field type "DNAM - Player Skills/Far away model distance" without quotes. In the second field, type 10000.000000. In the third field, type 0.000000. Hit OK. 




Run the script a second time, only this time set the second field to 60000.000000 as Deadly Dragons has an alternate number for some models. 


Save this new plugin and now you have a No Dragon LODs Patch for your non-vanilla dragons. You should use the original mod for vanilla dragons, and this one can easily be merged with that one to cover all of them. 


I hope this is helpful to anyone who is interested.

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What about the CR?I have a few dragons there too iirc

It need a little bit of CRing with AAE Merged Patch Unless someone wants to point this out to SirJesto. I can't immediately spot any dragons in my CR but if there are move Far way model distance from either No Dragon LODs v2 full.esp or No Dragon LOD - SRLE Extended LOTD.esp to SRLE Extended LOTD - Conflict Resolution.esp.


Can't do that right now babies have just woken up

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The oRiginal mod only covers vanilla.


You'd just make a patch as per the instructions, leaving out the Diverse Dragons parts: Copy npcs, run the script twice as instructed.


I'm assuming the patch made by Darth has Diverse Dragons as a master and won't work for you.

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