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STEP maxed out



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Core i5 or equivalent or higher

GTX 780 4GB VRAM or equivalent or higher

8GB System RAM

SSD or HDD (this will only affect load times)


It really depends on if you're wanting to run a hefty ENB preset and the screen resolution you're wanting to play what. If you want a good ENB and higher screen resolutions you'll want a beefier video card. I have a GTX 760 4GB and it stays mostly around 60FPS in the base game @ 1920x1080. If I add an ENB (depending on the ENB) it'll run in the 40s to 50s FPS.

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The GTX 1060 was just released, so it's completely out of stock and will probably be for a while. Best value IMO is the 1070 which has "TitanX level performance", but not sure what the stock is. Same goes for the 1080, but most people say that buying a 1080 for 1080p is a waste of funds since it has much more capability to power higher end games at 1440p at 60 FPS and even quite a few games at 4K 50-60 FPS. My recommendation if you have the funds is to try and find a 1070. Though you will have 60 FPS almost all the time on a heavily modded game, due to the nature of Skyrim and its not-so-great utilization of resources and optimization you may dip down a bit here and there.

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