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  1. It is happening when I play vanilla, unmodded game as well as modded. It happens alsi indoors so not weather related. Could be the bloom effect? Can I disable bloom with bethini or in .ini files?
  2. Hello, I have some surfaces (for example nord faces/skin or the roofs in Helgen) that appear over-exposed in plain day lighting. This is for sure a vanilla game issue. Can I change it some how? It is really unpleasant to watch these blown-out no details surfaces. Thank you
  3. I have consistent 60 fps with few location dropin into high 40s (like 48). Yes, slurred is the feeling. And only on moving or turning.
  4. Vsync improved things alot. temporal AA is disabled. only Edge AA is enabled. But that sensation is there even when I shift+f12 (disable the ENB). Could be something else wrong?
  5. OK, I tried Vividian. Looks really nice BUT... it seems that on move or turning head, I get a sensasion of something like 50hz led tv, like image remains behind the move or something. It makes me dizzy...
  6. Ok, nice feedback but I am such a novice (though I modded Skyrim 3 times by now) as I really simply follow instructions and I don`t have a comprehensive understanding of how things really do work. So, my STEP install is thorough following the extended line. I noted down the install proces that I have ELE lite and Relighting Skyrim with no JIT installed (whatever this means, I noted down but I can`t recall wat it is about). I would like an ENB that dont require any other complementary mods to work as intended. Or if they do and you still recommend it, some guide to installing after STEP with MO (I found that on nexus guides are not acounting for MO install and so, I rather try to stay away with those). I would like a balanced ENB, with not exagerated darkness in dungeons or nights or very deep, black like shadows. Natural colors, close to the intent of vanilla version (though a little more colorfull that vanilla). Happy to try some. P.S. I tried Skylight and I found it extremely dark in the opening carriage stage. It is like deep night until arriving close to the gates. I also tried Tetrachromatic and contrast in shadows are so deep it is like faces of characters ar in night while rest of the scene is in day. Either something is wrong with my settings or I don`t understand how ENBs work.
  7. what ENBs would be recomended to use after a full STEP extended instal? And here I mean ENB only, not ENB that come in packages with own mods. If I installed the latest enbseries (0308) can I downgrade to a previous version (if some ENBs don`t support latest embseries)? TNX!
  8. I fixed it with SafetyLoad mod. Now, I would install an ENB. can someone point me to a place where I could find a guide on installing ENB after STEP installation? Some guide as detailed as STEP guide is? Thanx!
  9. Ok, I`m not sure what happent actually, but now it is working. After a restart of windows, I tried again running SKSE through MO and gave me an error like 0xc00007b, I reinstalled some c++ and some stuff I found on a YT video and now game launches. BUT... I have the infinite looading screen issue. I mention I start a new game, not loading or anything. I new game. I know there is a fix on the internet, I had the same issue last time I installed STEP after DynDOLOD. But I prefer to have some inside and advice from this comunity. So please, help me here.
  10. I created DynDOLOD as described in the detailed instructions. But now skyrim doesn`t start anymore. The black window appears after running skse from MO, but than it closes and thats it. I know for sure that before installing Dyndolod, game lauched. Even if I deactivate the 3 Dyndolod mods the game won`t start. I also deactivated dummies and ticked have MO manage archives. What to do?
  11. Ok, I installed all patches but Dyndolod. From my last install, I remember that after Dyndolod install, game was freezing in load screen. I can`t exactly say what mod fixed this, but I would like to NOT get this issue again. So, are there any safety lines that I should follow when installing Dyndolod? Is the STEP guid regarding it up to date? Any advice would be great. Also, though there is no issue with it, I get some kind of flickering (to be read as glowing) in the close range mountain snow. It looks to me very similar to how aliasing in small texture shine. Nothing bothering, but I wanted to mention it, in case there is a fix for it. Also, I get the glowing artefact around objects. How to deal with it? Thank you!
  12. Hi to all, After a very long time of absence (hard work and lots of events ...) I decided to finish the STEP install. So, I am at the point when I should install the Bashed Pach. I did run loot, I checked all metarules are correct. Now, the guide states: Ensure all your plugins are active in Mod Organizer. But I have some plugins that are not active: - SMIM-DragonbornTernFix.esp - SMIM-DungeonsCliffsIceSkirts.esp - SMIM-FarmhouseFlickeringFix.esp - SMIMFurnitureChestSnowFix.esp - SMIM-ShackRoofFixes.esp - SMIM-ShackRoofFixesDragonborn.esp I remember these are not active because at some point, the guide tells to untick them. Now, should I leave them unticked (in-active) and install the Bashed Patch or should I first tick them (activate them) and then install the Bashed Patch? Also, the instructions for Bashed Patch tell at point 6. Optional: tick the box to "Timescale". Should i do this or not? Also, at point7. it tells ...and optionally set "Timescale" to a valua less than '20' but no less than '10'. What value should I choose?
  13. So, ALL the dummy plugins, absolutely all should remain ticked. And in the end, after dyndolod, should I untick all dummy plugins AND tick all coresponding archives? About archives, in the end, should I have ALL archives ticked? I downloaded manually all mods. So they are named as the files. This makes probably they are installed separately though they are updates. So, as long as they are next to eachother, all is good? Loot should keep them toghether anyway, am I right?
  14. Above question still needs answer. I have some more questions: 1. Improved Closefaced Helmets (Legendary) + Update - Male Corundum... guideline sais Merge if asked. But I didn`t been asked. And also this line appears on many other mod guidelines and in my previous install I have never been asked to Merge anything. Is this OK? 2. Vividian ENB states it is compatible with Relight Skyrim. Is this the same as Relighting Skyrim mod from Fixes subsection? 3. Realistic Ragdoll and Force: guideline sais Extended Patch users can remove the plugin form this mod. What this exactly means? I should untick the dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp in plugins tab OR actually delete the esp file from mod folder?
  15. Of course I needed to tick the Cleaned Update ESM. Of course I need to tick all the new installed mods. I am really dumb...;) Now, there is a real questions: There is a recommandation for the Unofficial High Resolution Patch to untick the plugin (as it is a dummy) but to tick it on archive tab and let MO manage archives. This I do understand. What about High Resolution Texture Packs? They also look like dummies and are not ticked in archive tab. How to handle them?
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