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Skyrim Revisited Questions

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Yeah it's a bit strange but it will download through your browser, as DarkladyLexy suggests. Once you start the download the page will display a progress bar but the file won't appear in your browser's "downloads" tab/section/list (for Chrome, at least). Once the progress bar is at 100%, then the file will be handed to your browser's downloads and it will end-up wherever files normally do. I was a bit skeptical but it works fine.


:EDIT: Best browser? Anything but Microsoft "X"... ::P:

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I'm not sure if all of the browsers are the same or if one is better. If I pick a browser will it than be my default browser?

Typically one is presented with a prompt to decide if the newly installed/started browser should be default - choose yes or no. There are always options within the browser (and Windows itself) to change the default browser so the decision is not irrevocable. Since you solicit advice regarding browsers specifically, I feel it necessary to say that they are not all the same - an MS browser is the last choice I would make. That's my opinion (not trying to instigate), I would try Chrome or Firefox, if I were you. Again, default browser can be set at any time, especially if, when prompted on launch to change, one does not choose the option to "skip future dialogues" or whatever - in that case one is presented with the dialog each time a non-default browser is launched.

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I've noticed that you won't get the prompt to save the file until the file is finished downloading, then it will transfer from the temp location to wherever you save it to. So with large files like Noble Skyrim, this could be awhile and it might not seem like the download is working, but it should be.

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