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  1. I've noticed that you won't get the prompt to save the file until the file is finished downloading, then it will transfer from the temp location to wherever you save it to. So with large files like Noble Skyrim, this could be awhile and it might not seem like the download is working, but it should be.
  2. are you referring to the distant pines not matching the nearer pines?
  3. Does reducing resolution make up for texture size? Because if it doesn't, then you'll need more than 2gb vram to run 2k or higher throughout.
  4. That's what I thought it was supposed to do, you mean the textgen script that you run before the worldgen script? If that's the one you mean then it's not creating them. This is from the author of noble skyrim, in response to my question on his mod's page: I had a discussion with the author of LODGen-mods (TES5LODGen etc.) some time ago and he explained me some useful things. I did not find the time to test what I learned from him so far, and a lot of stuff needs to be done by hand so it will be a major task.
  5. I wanted to update this thread, I learned a couple things along the way and someone else might have similar questions. I learned that buildings in Skyrim need billboards, which Noble Skyrim doesn't have, hence the wrong LODs for buildings. (I thought Dyndolod created the LOD of buildings which isn't the case). For the trees, I had the LOD problem down to two, the Scots Pine and some of the Snowypines (the ones in the hills around Riverwood). After posting on the SFO page, Vurt admitted that he hadn't looked into the pine billboard (it's not a true match, so the pop in is very noticeable). And for the Scots, the billboard is correct, it's just that LODs are created with one viewing angle, so a tree with a varied branch setup will make the pop more noticeable when you're looking at it from any other angle than the LOD's (as with the Scots Pine). This is what Zilav was saying above, I just didnt' know why the Scots were so poppy.
  6. I suppose I should have asked in the Dyndolod thread, If you guys can move this over there. I thought others who installed SRLE Extened might have encountered the same issues with Noble Skyrim, and SFO Trees issues with SRLE. With all of the gurus around here, I expected I was doing something wrong that would be easily pointed out lol...
  7. Hi everyone, I hope it's ok to ask this here instead of the massive Dyndolod thread. I've run the scripts multiple times lately trying various things to fix these issues, but I can't get the trees to stop popping in with a different model than the LOD. And Noble Skyrim buildings aren't getting LOD'd either. I'm so ready to play finally, just have to get this right.... I've updated Dyndolod to 1.49 and TES5Edit is 3.1.3. I've uploaded my modlist, I'm not sure how to correct the plugins to list individually instead of a giant mashed up mess, but I'll get those posted too if I need to. I'm about to go through the tedious process of getting the tree IDs in game then finding out which LOD is loading through TES5Edit, I'll report back what I find. But I'm still curious about why the proper ones aren't getting used, perhaps based on issues with my modlist. And I have no idea where to start with Noble Skyrim... Thanks in advance :D https://www.modwat.ch/u/philtro9 Here's a couple screenshots, you can see the tree models over the far buildings change and you can see the nearer buildings switching to Noble Skyrim textures while the further ones are totally different... https://imgur.com/a/hvQsl Update: Browsing data/textures/terrain/LODGen/skyrim.esm is showing all SFO 2.5 billboards being used, I wonder if Unique Grasses and Groundcovers is affecting what Dyndolod sees. Its plugin is loading after SFO's... (extra update: I just reran the scripts with unique grasses esp deactivated and it seems a little more accurate, but there are still certain trees that are using the wrong LOD). Here are a couple more screenshots from the latest scripts, this time in Riverwood. Also notice the snow covered tree on the top right change. I really hope I don't need to run around skyrim trying to figure out which trees have incorrect LODs, get their formids, then manually find the correct one and rename it in xedit to get this to work...(if that's how I'm understanding it in the Dyndolod FAQ) https://imgur.com/a/Ifyf7
  8. I'm back in business so far! I updated my catalyst drivers, reinstalled ENB files, and it's working now. I have a fresh install of dyndolod, activated, but without the scripts (which I'll re-run tonight probably). One more quick question though: I've updated the scripts to 1.48, but when I go to run them in TES5Edit, it's saying they're 1.47 in the run script window. Is that normal? The files I replaced were in the dyndolod mod installation folder... Thanks for the input and helping out guys. Glad I get to keep my extended installation :D
  9. Not much changed,I installed a couple new mods and updated a couple others. I've tried disabling them. I'm switching back and forth between vivid weather enb and vividian. As far as I can tell, enboost is working. I'm back to work and I won't be able to test tonight (going to see the warriors!), but I'm wondering if Windows 7 is giving me some guff. I also installed the new meshes from one mountain and haven't tried disabling those yet. I'm using the textures from rocking stone and mountain. I don't know if meshes can even cause this sort of issue, but that's where I'm at. I'm considering rolling back to my SRLE install and working through Extended again, this time being far more judicious in what I include.
  10. Thanks, that just verifies then that it's definitely not my problem. I feel like my whole installation has gone to ****, it was working pretty damn good too.
  11. I'm rebuilding patches and going over everything with a fine tooth comb...In the meantime, I'm still curious about the first question I had, which was what to do if your block2 is maxing out in your memoryblocklog. I'm also curious about how dyndolod picks what to make LODs out of. If I have a bunch of texture mods overlapping each other. Will dyndolod generate LODs just for the textures that are winning the overwrite battles, or is it making the LODs for every version it finds, for example IE vanilla lods for trees plus SFO lods.
  12. Well, now i'm even more lost than before. I thought I was zeroing in on my problem but CTDs are still occurring. They all seem to happen in or near Riverwood. In my last post, i had dyndolod deactivated and spawned at the Riverwood Inn. This was one of the main problem areas, because the game would CTD every time I tried to leave the Inn. So in my last post I spawned there and made it outside and everything seemed fine. However dyndolod was deactivated. After posting that I ran dyndolod scripts over again, then retested. Sure enough the same crashes are happening as before. Deactivate Dyndolod, everything works, i can spawn at or run into riverwood without any crashes. The crashes have happened: -Spawn in Riverwood Inn, everything's fine until I try to go outside, a CTD occurs. -Spawn camping in the woods. I can run around without problems, even up into Helgen. But as soon as I start down the path to Riverwood and near the river, CTD -Spawn in Whiterun. Run around in town, run around the farms, everything is fine. But as soon as I start up the trail towards Riverwood, CTD The game seemed to be running so much better a week ago, I'm not really sure where it went bonkers...
  13. So I have figured out that that is what was causing my crash. I finally bit the bullet and figured out how to remove masters from the CR patch so I could remove some script bloat. I removed Morskom Estate, Loot and Degredation, Recorder, and Helgen Reborn. The only follower I have installed now is Mirai. Finally played without a CTD for the first time in a week! I'm glad I've figured out how remove master on mods I didn't really want and trimmed some fat, but I was still getting close to the limit. Can someone please let me know how to go about increasing the scrapheap size? There's about a million different answers online, many of them outdated and conflicting with each other. I just would like to know the skinny on this issue. Here's my most recent log:
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