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  1. Hey, sorry for the necro of an old thread but I was also bothered by the LOOT reported ITM for ORM-Arvak.esp (OCD I guess). However, unlike yourself, I was able to clean it normally with TES5Edit - it found the ITM, cleaned it and now LOOT doesn't puke over the .esp. Not sure if Neo intends this to not be cleaned or if he had a similar problem to the OP and left out any instruction because of this. Anyhow, for me it is cleanable...
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply, RL getting in the way of what's important again ;-) Thanks for the above info, it was cool of you to spend the time to go into so much detail - it has been helpful. Cheers!
  3. I also would like to know if it is potentially detrimental to only scale textures, without any compression options selected in the DDSOpt "constraints" tab (all unchecked). I am playing around with batch-scaling the entire Mod Organizer\mods\* directory's normal maps to 1k, without altering compression. Will this (potentially) make the already-optimized-by-author textures look worse? I realize some mods should be excluded (DynDOLOD, Unofficial *, etc.) I will delete them from the batch results afterwards. I am just doing this now and will see for myself but some input would be cool.
  4. I see, thanks for the reply, I've been wondering that for a while. Cheers!
  5. Yeah I think I'll stick with v1.x for now. I enjoy beta-testing but have my hands full ATM. Thanks for the info!
  6. FYI: Same end result with either method.
  7. Ahh... thanks GrantSP and GamerPoets, I was unaware of the existence of MO v2. I just switched to MO from WryeBash last week and it seems I am already behind-the-times again ! Cheers
  8. Great to hear your (just short of) 6-month project has reached fruition! I have been wondering this for a while but didn't have an appropriate place to ask... How did you deal with version-skew, etc. over so long a time period? I started my install on a Friday and was done by the end of the weekend, even then I needed to backtrack several times to account for changes made to the guide during the few days it took to install. Although I didn't actually use your guide I nevertheless thank you for making it as, after stumbling across it, I was made aware of the existence of SR:LE and am now very much enjoying playing of same! Cheers and good luck with your "Let's Play" series. :-D
  9. Can you please clarify your statement regarding BSA extraction? Have I missed something and this process has been changed with relation to MO and SR:LE (or in general)? Cheers!
  10. I believe this will cause many textures to look like ass. You will need to remove anything with parallax as, unless I am mistaken(?), ENB is required to properly render those textures. As a note, the Vividian ENB completely nukes my video card (GTX770). After switching to RealVision ENB (medium) I am stable at 40-60fps. YMMV.
  11. Unless I'm mistaken, CK is required for proper configuration of "Merge Plugins" executable, specific to handling the merging of Papyrus script fragments or something. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure I noticed at least one of the plugin merges decompiling and monkeying with noted... ...regarding Falskaar - seems like you're giving yourself a lot of headaches when you could simply install it and not play the mod until you're ready. Just sayin' ;-)
  12. Mine was rather sluggish, also unsure of the cause. I updated from v.306 to a v.307 snapshot and it is much improved when switching between the mods and installers tabs, installing mods and most other tasks. Note: I use it as my primary mod manager, if you only use it for the Bashed patch YMMV. Link to the development snapshot (at bottom of post #2) -> https://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1602198-wrye-bash-thread-109/?p=25144976
  13. Typically one is presented with a prompt to decide if the newly installed/started browser should be default - choose yes or no. There are always options within the browser (and Windows itself) to change the default browser so the decision is not irrevocable. Since you solicit advice regarding browsers specifically, I feel it necessary to say that they are not all the same - an MS browser is the last choice I would make. That's my opinion (not trying to instigate), I would try Chrome or Firefox, if I were you. Again, default browser can be set at any time, especially if, when prompted on launch to change, one does not choose the option to "skip future dialogues" or whatever - in that case one is presented with the dialog each time a non-default browser is launched.
  14. Best to look at the page for the pertinent mod(s) before updating, for special instructions or advice in relation to updates (such as disabling mod in MCM before upgrade, etc). Also look at changelogs if, as you inquire, you want to know when it's encouraged - sometimes the mod update will have little or no effect on your situation, such as if optional plugins you don't use are updated. If the mod changelog references critical bug-fixes, one would think it advisable to update, providing the instructions for same don't require starting a new game. I almost always upgrade, but reading instructions and thinking about the changes will serve you well!
  15. Yeah it's a bit strange but it will download through your browser, as DarkladyLexy suggests. Once you start the download the page will display a progress bar but the file won't appear in your browser's "downloads" tab/section/list (for Chrome, at least). Once the progress bar is at 100%, then the file will be handed to your browser's downloads and it will end-up wherever files normally do. I was a bit skeptical but it works fine. :EDIT: Best browser? Anything but Microsoft "X"...
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