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[Solved] Hmm..Texture only plugin doesn't work



The plugin itself doesn't come with an esp or esm file, wondering if this is somehow contributing to this issue..


Only the vanilla skin textures show up ingame, and when I go to look in the data section of MO, these files are in red..


..what do they mean..?? And how can I fix this?


EDIT: Tooltip says: "Also in: data"


EDIT2: Removed duplicates in data, msn.dds files are still overridden by Steam's subscribed HighResTexturePack03..


now what..how do I keep both but overwrite with Fair Skin?


EDIT3 (31.05.16): Finally got it to work. Embarassingly, this is because I had forgotten the requirement and had neglected to read (again) on Fair Skin Complexion by Hhaleyy of requiring a base body (UNPB). In my attempt to try and get all my mods to work nicely together, I've prolonged this troubleshooting stage so long (on and off, for years now), that I've forgotten the basics, especially as I switched over to MO, but thankfully, I've finally got it, and that's what matters. Your frustration was as head-banging as mine and you persisted to drill through my thick skull, thanks for that. Let's hope this can help the others too.


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Welcome to STEP @Aeru


I noticed your post in the Nexus forum about this, and frankly I think you may simply be confused about what is being reported by MO.


MO's 'Data' tab saying: "Also in: Data" is merely reporting that this particular file is also found in an asset that is stored in the Data folder of the game, in this case the HighResTexturePack03.bsa. This is normal in any modded game that files provided by one source will be overwritten by other mods, in fact that is the whole premise of modding!


So I'm not exactly sure what you mean by a texture "not working". If it is in the highest priority then that is the file used by the game.


Perhaps you should look through the manual and watch the MO video tutorials because what you are wanting is already happening in the screenshot provided. Your mod, Fair Skin, is providing files for use by the game and where it provides no files other assets such as HighResTexturePack03 are providing them.

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Oh.. hmm, well, first, I'd like to thank you for coming to my assistance.


Last I checked, the new skin textures would not seem to load up in a savegame (they still are vanilla), I have not yet started a new game, but will after this post.

As for priority of this skin mod..well, that's exactly it..there is no priority that I can see.

The mod itself doesn't come with an esp or esm file.


It just loads textures, which is what led me to the conclusion that other files are overwriting this mod.


By EDIT2 on my initial post, I had managed to verify the red color on the file name by removing the duplicate files of the new skin mod in the steamapps/common/skyrim/data folder (some of the files turned white again, but this is when I noticed the red on some other files like femalebody_1_msn.dds)


So..now comes back to the dilemma..


..is there any way we can work with both this new skin texture mod and highrestexturepack03 without losing, i guess, in this case, highrestexturepack03?


EDIT3: Tried New Game, did not work. Did not seem to work even with highrestexturepack03 removed..so, now back to square 1..(only tried with savegame but..)


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MO has two panes to display which files are used in game:

  1. right-hand pane, which is for plugins and is self-evident
  2. left-hand pane which can be considered the same as your "installation order"

Both of those panes have priority order control so you simply change the position of the texture mods to that which provides the files you want.


As already noted the screenshots show you have set the 'Fair Skin' mod to a position that has the highest priority and it is that mod which is providing the files to the game. If that mod is not what you want to win the conflict then move it to a position lower so that another mod wins.


Please read the manual to gain understanding about this mechanism.

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