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SRLE EC + Disparity and masks

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I'm having an issue with masks provided by mods(from OBIS and probably from Immersive armors) and how they interact with Enhanced camera and Disparity(think because of the height change) blocking vision in first person.


The issue looks like this(pics not mine):




Has anyone else experienced this and found a way to solve it? Seems like the immediate solution is to drop EC, but i really like the mod and don't want to remove it. Thanks in advance.

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Well I know masks + EC by itself doesn't cause issues. At least I've never seen any.


I'm guessing Dispairity height changes are moving the first person camera down too far and masks are becoming visible. I think you can turn that feature off in the MCM... alternatively, perhaps something in RaceMenu can be set to increase just the player height.

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Thanks for the response, yep seems that the issue isnt EC related, and is from disparity. This forum says that Disparity actually flags slots 44, 50, 54, 56, 59, 60 to be shown in first person, so the solution would be to remove these flags. I'll try adjusting the height in Racemenu to see if it solves the issue, seeing the eyepatch in first person sounds like a cool feature, would be a shame to remove it.

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Tried to understand the EC ini but couldnt figure which value i had to tweak. Anyway found a way to adjust the camera easily, just by going to the Camera slider in racemenu and changing the up/down values i got these results:




It actually centers the items but still get cliipping when moving/running and looking down isn't right, i'll just remove the showitem flags from the esp.

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For anyone that might come across this thread, removing all the 1st person flags from Disparity's race record is an extremely overkill 'solution'.  If you read the thread linked by Juaco above, you will find a pretty solid breakdown of exactly what the issue is and the best likely solution.


For those interested, the issue has nothing at all to do with Disparity changing race height, and as far as I'm aware nothing to do with Enhanced Camera either.  Very simply, Disparity flags certain slots to be visible in 1st person in it's race record.  These slots are not conflicted with vanilla masks, which use slot 42.  However Immersive Armors and OBIS use slot 44 for their masks, which is one of the slots Disparity includes in its race record.  The solution is to simply remove slot 44 from Disparity's race record - Kryptopyr herself said she will be likely be including this change in the next update.


To be clear, it is possible that other mods include masks that use other slots, that might also create issues in 1st person.  In that case it is likely better to change the slot of said masks/headgear to slot 42 rather than remove more slots from Disparity.

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