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  1. You're the man darth, just something i saw Dreadflopps CACO Patches Says to install only CACO_GrayCowl_Patch_lvl list.esp, CACO_3DNPC_Patch_lvl list.esp and CACO_SkyTEST_lvl list.esp But then says to add the following rules CACO_GrayCowl_Patch_lvl list.esp - Load After CACO - Patches.espCACO_3DNPC_Patch_lvl list.esp Load After CACO_GrayCowl_Patch_lvl list.espCACO_SkyTEST_lvl list.esp Load After CACO_Immersive_Creatures_Patch_ lvl_list.espCACO_Immersive_Creatures_Patch_ lvl_list.esp is missing aparently.
  2. Just saw this new addiion: CACO_Immersive_Creatures_Patch_ lvl_list.espDoes it need any bash tag update? doesnt seem to have bash tags, also if CACO_SkyTEST_lvl list.esp needs any more tags. Don't know if it's been asked before, why was NPC Knockout Overhaul dropped? The install order page doesnt give any reason.
  3. Hello everyone, i wanted to ask something. In the NARC install section it says to install the core version plus the following files NARC - NARC - Animal TweaksNARC - NARC - Deadly DragonsNARC - NARC - FalskaarNARC - NARC - SkyTESTNARC - Deadly Dragons Consistency PatchNARC - Falskaar Consistency PatchNARC - Immersive Horses Consistency PatchNARC - Skyrim Immersive Creatures Consistency PatchBut in the merge section there are only a few of these. Aren't they all supposed to be merged?
  4. Noticed that you removed some changes from Endgame NPC Overhaul.esp from the CR. Since it's not a retexture you should leave them in the CR, some people don't use the npc retextures(incluiding me of course).
  5. I had this issue, made a post on the forums. It is related to disparity, the only fix i found is to delete some flags from some of the records on Disparity.esp Link to the thread i made https://forum.step-project.com/topic/10497-srle-ec-disparity-and-masks/ If someone has another solution please tell us.
  6. Tried to understand the EC ini but couldnt figure which value i had to tweak. Anyway found a way to adjust the camera easily, just by going to the Camera slider in racemenu and changing the up/down values i got these results: https://imgur.com/a/aEOfD It actually centers the items but still get cliipping when moving/running and looking down isn't right, i'll just remove the showitem flags from the esp.
  7. Thanks for the response, yep seems that the issue isnt EC related, and is from disparity. This forum says that Disparity actually flags slots 44, 50, 54, 56, 59, 60 to be shown in first person, so the solution would be to remove these flags. I'll try adjusting the height in Racemenu to see if it solves the issue, seeing the eyepatch in first person sounds like a cool feature, would be a shame to remove it.
  8. I'm having an issue with masks provided by mods(from OBIS and probably from Immersive armors) and how they interact with Enhanced camera and Disparity(think because of the height change) blocking vision in first person. The issue looks like this(pics not mine): https://imgur.com/gallery/sijh6 Has anyone else experienced this and found a way to solve it? Seems like the immediate solution is to drop EC, but i really like the mod and don't want to remove it. Thanks in advance.
  9. Is there a reason to remove the data/scripts/source folder from Crime Overhaul? i don't use many mods of this guide so i was wondering if it's safe to remove
  10. Thanks for responses, now i have a doubt, does the full install need merging records in SRLE Extended conflict resolution? asking because i really don't know how to address conflicts Edit: how*
  11. Excuse me for asking this silly question, i'm thinking about installing some of these mods, but why only install the the textures from EBT, does it conflict with some of these mods or is it by personal choice? thanks in advance.
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