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Fallout 4 - Mods Open Beta for PC Available Now

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Hilarious that the editor still looks virtually the same as the one from Morrowind. Compare it to a free modern editor and it's just abysmal. They give the CoD developers a run for their money, I'm sure. Yep, that was another CK rant from me. Hardly shocking I know.  :lol:


What is this Bethesda Launcher anyway? Do I need to sign up to download the CK?

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Yup, make a Bethesda.net account (if you don't have one already), download the launcher, Bob's your uncle & you're makin' mods.

The mods browser & forums on Beth are similar to Steam, download & favorite on their site, activate from within the game (local copies of mods from their site are managed from your in game main menu).

Mod Organizer & the Nexus are still the more desirable delivery system (godspeed Tannin).

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Thanks Red. I know I'm sounding really picky here, but I REALLY don't want to create an account I'd never use. Does the CK have it's own EXE or something that someone can rip out? I just re-installed Windows and I'd like to keep useless things off my HDD - for now anyway. I also can't see myself actually playing and using other mods anytime soon.

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So Bethesda seem to have included an official NIF exporter, but only for 3DS MAX 2013, which doesn't seem to be available anymore. I'll have to find it on some random website and see if my 2016 license works. Nestled inside that, we also have a material editor, lip-gen, and file extractor. They seem to be going to town over Skyrim. Still, there are some downsides like the one above, and the fact you can't generate lip files from the 64x version is just plain weird (according to the readme).


Still better than nothing though of course! I'm not that much of a hater. I'll have to see how well this stuff works before I make a final judgement.

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