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STEP Compilation



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Guys, thanks for replying. First of all , your names bring out a smile :D 


Jarl, thanks, thats exactly my problem, since I have about 300 mods and most of them would not support USLEEP as master. 

Akatosh, I do have all the DLCs but ->


I followed the S.T.E.P 2.2.9  and then updated (addded) it to S.T.E.P , the only problem is the Compilation Patch which needs USLEEP .




1. It is extremely big in size, it would take ages for me to download it .

2. It might cause bugs and gllitches. 

3. Incompatability with other mods that require USKP 

4. FPS hit.


whereas the USKP & other patches are tested and verified as working.


It would be shorter if you could list all the patches that are included in the Compilation Patch so that I can apply them individually . For example - the Salt patch and stuff like that. 

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Hiya Abhik101, just a couple of points:


USLEEP is made by the same people who made the USKP. Highly unlikely it'll cause more bugs and glitches. 


USLEEP's 167,405 Kb. There's other mods in the STEP package that are bigger than that. (Some of the aMidianBorn files, for example)


I can understand if you have a slow connection not wanting to download a massive file, for sure, but USLEEP isn't really that large, in comparison, anyway.

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