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We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new forum template for the STEP Community Forum. This new template alters the look of the board and adds some new features to hopefully make your navigation experience a little better.


A few of the more noticeable changes are:

  • Breadcrumbs now integrated into main forum display as tabs.
  • New top nav bar remains fixed to provide quicker access to forum and external site links.
  • New thread and User CP icons.
The top nav will eventually be made available on the wiki as well to provide seamless integration between the forum and wiki. The top nav also has a few menus to help consolidate links. Once logged in, the right side of the nav will contain everything related to the forum. To the far right will be your username which has a dropdown menu with common links to help you get to items related to your account faster. To left of that is the PM menu which offers several quick links to getting to your various PM folders. Next up is the help link, followed by the Find Posts menu. This menu gives access to New Posts and Today's Posts from anywhere on the forum. Additional links for these items are also embedded at the top of the forum display.


The first color scheme is called STEP BLUE. But, if that's not to your liking, hang in there, as additional color schemes are in the works.

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Resurrecting one of the oldest threads!  Yes!


Anyways, I just updated all the forum icons with more basic but hopefully better looking versions.  Please report any other images you may come across that have jagged edges or white borders around them.

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