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ENBSeries INI Reference for Skyrim SE

A comprehensive modder's resource for editing 'enbseries.ini' for SkyrimSE

by: The Step Team and community



This guide is a work in progress and is thus incomplete. While all INI parameters are listed and kept current, some of the parameter descriptions and image examples may be incomplete.

This is intended as the comprehensive reference to the functionality of all parameters found within enbseries.ini, as it evolves. All of the user-configurable parameters are defined with screenshot examples (still a WIP). Parameters are presented by INI section headings. Headings are not in the order they appear in the enbseries.ini file. They have been rearranged to be grouped by a few global sections at the top and then alphabetically. Users can jump to a relevant INI section using the links below and navigate back to this 'hub' using the link that appears at the top of each section page.

ENBSeries Guide
ENBSeries Website
Default INI (ENBSeries v0.460)

Universal Parameters/Values

There exist a few parameters and value settings that match all cases of their use. Therefore, these parameters will be explained below rather than repeated at each instance they appear within the file.


IgnoreWeatherSystem=(false, true)

This parameter is found many times throughout the file, usually at the top of each heading. When this parameter is listed under a heading, it indicates the feature that corresponds to the heading is compatible with the built in weather system (see Weather for more information).

When a feature is compatible with this system, users will see the following on its page: "This feature is Weather compatible! "

Quality Settings

Several parameters throughout the file have quality options available. When these are seen the following options may be available:

2 = Low
1 = Medium
0 = High
-1 = Extreme ( this value is not available for all parameters, see section pages for more information )

INI parameters by section


Much of the inspiration of this Guide came from a desire to have a complete reference for the enbseries.ini file. MTichenor's ENB Evolved User Manual and JawZ's Guide to ENBSeries were used in the initial creation of this Guide. Credit goes out to both these authors for the inspiration and references.

A very special thank you to these additional authors and contributors who helped Step in this endeavor:

Aiyen -author of Skylight ENB
ConfidenceMan -author of Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB
Jafin16 -author of Lumen ENB