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Copying skyrim on another computer

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I want to transfer my SR:LE setup (along with all the mods and everything) to my brother's PC without the need to re-setup anything.

My bro's PC has better specs than me so requirements are already met. (Titan 12gb , new gen intel chip, etc.)


I was thinking of installing everything normally (steam skyrim, mod organizer and the rest of the tools) and then copying all my folders on top of the already installed folders on my brother's PC making sure that all the paths are the same (ie. drive letters etc.)

I believe this has a good chance to work since ModOrganizer keeps everything in its .ini files (at least that's what I think)


in case the above does have good chances of working,

is there anything else I should be aware of? (like, for example, changing some enb entries since I have an AMD card?)


I really don't want to spend another 30hrs to setup it up on my brother's (that's how long it took me on my PC).. it's too much time that I really don't have available easily


any help is appreciated



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should work...install the game and the tools and remember to change DisableDriverMemoryManager to false if using nvidia card.


thanks. That's what I also thought (about the disablemanager)


When my setup is 100% complete  (I have some minor issues I need to take care of atm) I'll make the move.


In the time being, if anyone thinks there could be issues after the transfer, please share your thoughts



Copy the Skyrim game files too in order to save download time (Steam will automatically see them and not redownload them, provided they are in the right location, of course).

that could work too (especially for the large files) .. thanks for the headsup

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