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  1. thanks. That's what I also thought (about the disablemanager) When my setup is 100% complete (I have some minor issues I need to take care of atm) I'll make the move. In the time being, if anyone thinks there could be issues after the transfer, please share your thoughts thanks that could work too (especially for the large files) .. thanks for the headsup
  2. I want to transfer my SR:LE setup (along with all the mods and everything) to my brother's PC without the need to re-setup anything. My bro's PC has better specs than me so requirements are already met. (Titan 12gb , new gen intel chip, etc.) I was thinking of installing everything normally (steam skyrim, mod organizer and the rest of the tools) and then copying all my folders on top of the already installed folders on my brother's PC making sure that all the paths are the same (ie. drive letters etc.) I believe this has a good chance to work since ModOrganizer keeps everything in its .ini files (at least that's what I think) in case the above does have good chances of working, is there anything else I should be aware of? (like, for example, changing some enb entries since I have an AMD card?) I really don't want to spend another 30hrs to setup it up on my brother's (that's how long it took me on my PC).. it's too much time that I really don't have available easily any help is appreciated
  3. Well, it's good that you get similar results, it means that I haven't completely messed up my setup. If I may say so, I think SR:LE desperately needs one or two mods related to gameplay. Beauty mods are nice -for those that want them- but gameplay imo should come first. Ordinator is one such mod that can enhance SR:LE experience tenfold . I wish you can manage to figure out what is wrong in the setup as I *really* don't want to remove it from my list :/ thanks again for your work
  4. Thank you for explaining this. You have done an amazing job at getting all those crazy-complex mods together. It's only natural that messing even more with the game would lead to instabilities and possible script overloads. All I wanted to know was if what I saw was normal or if it was because of particular setup (ie. because of me). It seems that, if I want more, I need to get my hands dirty... very dirty :) concerning the ordinator, I'm glad you mentioned it. As I said on my previous post, I have noticed some weird behaviour on behalf of the various NPCs when I try to sneak/pickpocket around. When I get caught; instead of the victims attacking me, they just cower in the corner shouting help or run away from me. I first noticed this when I installed ordinator and I'm only mentioning it since I've read that ordinator affects the sneak ability too. As an example of what happens: Bannered Mare. It's at the time when it's full of people, guards, traders, surrounding shopkeepers, etc. I get into the corner where lurius liore is sitting and I steal a letter from his inventory.... I always get caught but what is interesting is the fact that everyone in the tavern start running around (even the guards) calling help. Lurius just draws his dagger and runs out of the tavern (anywhere but where I am). I rush to a certain NPC who is affiliate with Lurious and start hitting him... no response. After numerous hits I kill him but there is no response from the surrounding NPCs despite the tavern being full of people and guards. I have even tried to pickpocket a very dangerous looking NPC walking the main road (shady sam) and when I get caught he draws both his swords and -after an initial attack- he also cowers shouting help or running around. I don't know if ordinator is the cause of this but I felt I should let you know. Note that I followed SR:LE extended instructions and put Trade and Barter exactly below Odinator's .esp (before cacos patches).. otherwise I let Loot handle the order.
  5. Here is another example I just experienced: Started a Khajiit caravan guard outside Markarth. Since I got sacked from my job, I started wondering around until I encountered a bunch of wolves (5-6, 2 of them pups). I had a steel dagger with which I killed them all only losing a tiny bit of health in the process (like 10% or so, was level 1 obviously) Next I encounter a mudcrab... had to get to higher ground to soften it up before coming down to finish it 'cause there was no way to beat it one to one. That's normal? .. I'm not so sure. In general I find the enemies to be quite inconsistent in terms of difficulty. On my previous playthrough, I remember a certain assault by me and my 3 followers into a bandit keep. Every bandit got killed by 1-2 blows, either by me or my followers (we all were warriors, level 11)... until we met a mage. 4 lightning shots, 4 dead assaulters... I also happened to have a resist magic 12% amulet on. Is that normal? .. if yes, then I'm not sure I like it. I, again, need to remind you that I use pure SR:LE with only addition being the ordinator mod which -as I already mentioned- didn't affect anything in terms of difficulty on the enemies (I do see some weird behaviour from NPCs though) So, do you believe the above behaviour is normal? I have re-checked the installation countless of times and I can't see anything that I might have made wrong. thanks for your time
  6. I don't give much info? did you people read anything from my posts or you just answered to the title? I have shown clearly what I think is a problem but it may as well be normal, I won't know unless someone verifies
  7. would love it if anyone can tell me if this is normal ... all I need to know is if this is intended or not . I'm not able to know if this is how it's supposed to work if no-one answers btw. I started a new game near Markarth and I visited the forsworn village closeby .. same thing happened: low health, I finished off a forsworn with just my Khajiit claws
  8. Hi, I noticed that some enemies have very low health while others seem to be ok. as an example: Spriggans, bears, skeevers seem to be ok . I'm level 10 (playing on expert) and spriggans have around 280 health on the other hand: fornsworn and wolves have very low health. Wolves die instantly even on a shield bash and fornsworn have all their skills @ 15 and health @ 50 Could it be that only vanilla enemies have this issue, while everything affected by immersive creatures works normally? (just guessing here) I'm using Pure SR:LE btw. I only installed ordinator a few hours ago but this issue happened before ordinator's install. any help is appreciated
  9. Thanks for answering but, as I mentioned above, I need mods that are 100% compatible with SRLE without messing up a lot with the main setup . The extended version *is* compatible but I see a lot of things that need to be redone and I'm afraid it will unbalance the current stability. To make myself more clear: if any mod risks messing up with the main setup then I'm better off without said mod. I was just wondering if there are addon packs to SRLE that provide extras like the ones I mentioned on (a) and (b) Having said that, I'm still at the beginning and I haven't seen much of the world. Is SRLE world deleveled? do the creatures level with me or do they have level 'ranges' with caps? Also, are the items the same? ie. on higher levels will I find daedric stuff on skeevers for example? :P The description of SRLE is not very clear on that stuff (probably because it's *very* clear on everything else) :)
  10. Hi, I have currently installed SR:LE exactly as it's mentioned in the guide with no deviation at all apart from the merges (which I don't think I need since I'm far away from the limit). I have one or two minor issues but in general the whole setup is stable (4790k + AMD r290 + 16GB) Although the pack is absolutely amazing, I'd still like two things added if possible: a. Somewhat rare loot (I like to get hold to each piece of equipment for a long time before I find a better one) b. More exciting combat/skills (ie. less character running speed, better sneak, delevelled enemies etc.) What would it take to add the above two to my existing setup without too much hassle? ie. I'd prefer to just add the extra mods needed and only do the final steps in the guide (bashed patches, etc.) Any combination of a & b is ok as long as there is as little hassle as possible. I really don't want to mess up the current stable setup. thanks a lot for all your work guys. I can't express how amazing it is.
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