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Hi, I was just wondering how my rig would handle Skyrim Revisited:LE, the pack looks amazing. Huge credit to the maker!!


My specs are:


ASUS P6X58D Premium mobo
i7 930 cpu OC'd from 2.8MHz to 3.3MHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 (4GB)
Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16GB Kit (4GBx4) 
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
I have a bit of experience with modding Skyrim in the past but nothing as large as this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I wouldn't want to spend hours and hours installing only to find my rig isn't up to scratch.
Thanks guys :)


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Hi all.


So after the gruelling but great learning experience of the SR:LE installation i've been running the game to see if any problems arise. 


I'm getting some small stutter which isn't game breaking but i'd like help to reduce it if possible.

I also had one total freeze issue where my gpu hit 99%, I was just fighting a few bandits...what should I change to prevent this happening? My Vram usage was at 3060MB at the time.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks




Edit: Also i tried overclocking my graphics card a little to see if it would help but my game crashes as soon as the save loads??

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