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SR:LE Stuttering - NOT 64hz bug



I believe it has to do with textures streaming from my HDD, which isn't terribly fast. Not slow, but not quite fast enough. I'm running most of SR:LE on the recommended resolution downloads, so my questions are as follows:


1. Can I re-install lower resolution textures of various mods


2. Which textures have the highest impact on framerate/memory


3. Any other suggestions that might improve the stuttering?


Game runs just fine indoors, dungeons etc. But outside, I often have sudden FPS drops that have a major impact on game playability.



MSI GTX760 2GB OC Gaming Edition, i5 2500K @4.5GHz, 14GB G.Skill RipjawsX, 1080p Monitor, random other fancy stuff

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The guide is written for people that have 4GB of VRAM, you have 2GB.

You'll need to use lower res textures. When I had my HD6970s, the max resolution I could use is 1k. I had some 2k and some 4k but I used them for very specific objects, like mountains.

The body and skin mods were extremely VRAM hungry.

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