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New Crash on Startup Issue



I know I reported this problem once before and fixed it, but apparently it has a different cause now.


Basically, I reformatted my main OS drive, and reinstalled Steam.  My FNV install wasn't touched, so I just re-ran the Launcher for the first time to generate initial files, then loaded my MO profile.


The game crashes the moment it tries to load.  I don't get sound or even a splash screen, just a black screen for a moment, and then the "FNV4GB.EXE has stopped working" pop up.  When I try to run the Vanilla game straight from Steam, same issue.


Here's what I've done so far.


* Made sure "Have MO manage archives" is checked

* Ran FNVEdit and it loads all mods properly

* Made sure FalloutMO, FalloutNV, FNV4GB, nvse_loader, and Fallout_Launcher are all set to "Run as Administrator"

* Deleted the base INI files in the Documents directory and tried running from the Launcher again.  This time, I got a black screen with the ENB overlay and audio.  Then the crash pop up.  Went back to Mod Organizer, can't even get that much, just the Black Screen & Error message combo.


EDIT:  Found the problem.  Now need a solution.

Problem:  ENB is causing the crash.  Removed ENB, crash went away.


Unfortunately, i LIKE my ENB, and would very much like to use it.  Anyone have any ideas?


EDIT 2:  Fixed.  Just reinstalled the ENB.  Have no idea what changed to break it, but that did it.  

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