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Installing STEP with RealLike ENB





I want to install STEP with RealLike ENB due to limited performance platform (Toshiba Satellite P70-A laptop).


RealLike ENB needs to use d3d9.dll from wrapper version of ENBSeries v0113 (current version is v0279). That version didn't have an enbhost.exe file, so I'm worried that installing that version may break STEP once installed. I haven't been able to locate a STEP install guide far enough back to provide guidance on how to use old ENBoost versions.


Does anyone know if this install is even feasible? If not, would combining texture mods remove the need for ENBoost? My understanding from a Youtube video (sorry, but I'm new to this) is that the requirement cuts in at around 126 texture mods.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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ENBoost allow players to get around the memory limit in Skyrim which is 3.1GB. The number of texture mods does not matter. You can install all 4 and 8K texture and reach the limit rather quickly with just a handful of mods. So the resolution of the textures you install is what matters.


If you do this, you will not have ENBoost and, thus, will have the memory limit again. If Skyrim reaches this point, you'll experience crashes and slowdowns.

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