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"DynDOLOD_Tamriel.json does not belong to this DynDOLOD.esp"



Hi all,


When playing Skyrim, the topic message keeps appearing in the top left of my screen.

  • I ran DynDOLOD according to the STEP Wiki instructions and have added no new mods since
  • There are no previous DynDOLOD textures/ outputs ticked
  • The textures/ outputs are not overwritten by anything
  • I have billboards for Tamriel HD & Trees and SFO 2.3
  • I have ran LOOT

Any advice?


Many thanks, Mix



I have attached a snip of the message in case it is needed


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I can now confirm that after removing all DynDOLOD items and doing a fresh install, the problem has been resolved.
I'll have to remember to replace the TESEdit scripts in future! 


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :)

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Is this from a new, fresh install. It sounds as if you have a .JSON file(s) from an old version while trying to run a new version of DynDOLOD.esp.

Thanks for your reply,


Yeah, I installed using the instructions in the wiki entry. The only old versions are in the form of an MO backup.


I will uninstall anything relating to DynDOLOD, re-download the newest version, repatch, and then post my results. 


EDIT: I've just deleted anything relating to DynDOLOD and reinstalling it as if I'd never used it. I realised that I hadn't replaced the TES5Edit scripts when updating... I'm thinking this could be my problem? Will update when finished.

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