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Quick Reflexes Perk - Eternal slow motion



So this is an old classic issue that is present in vanilla Skyrim and still is. The bug is related to the "Quick Reflexes" perk in the Block tree and goes like this:

When an enemy power attacks while blocking, time slows down. Normally time goes back to normal when the power attack is finished or interrupted (by bash/stagger), however in this case it stays around for a LONG time (sometimes it comes back out on its own, but sometimes it seems to last forever (many minutes)). During this time, everything except the player moves in extreme slow motion (you can clear an entire room of enemies before the first one hits the ground).

While being a super ninja is kind of fun, it's super annoying after a while and obviously completely game breaking (in terms of balance). Common ways to release the slowmo are:

¤ Wait for another power attack
¤ Save (yes, not load, just saving does it about 50% of the time in my experience)

I just started a new sword and board character with STEP, and since picking the quick reflexes perk (one of my absolute favourite things about sword'n'board), I get this bug on EVERY single power attack (about 20 times in a row and counting).

I was surprised that the bug is still around (I first had it on my first character back in 2011), expecting it to have been fixed by something like USKP.

Is there any known workaround for this bug apart from not picking the perk? Should it have been fixed and I just messed up with something?


Here is a video showing someone else experiencing the bug.

(I used to think having too low a timescale was the issue, as that randomly fixed it before, but no such luck this time)

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Yeah, seeing at it's been around since release, I guess it is (also, maybe a lot of people don't use it... at least with PC, you can remove the perk and play without it).


There are a couple of mods on the steam workshop that claim to solve it by setting it to a fixed timer (1.0 and 1.5 seconds, respectively).


However, I'm unsure of how to use workshop mods with STEP/MO properly, and the more popular of the two modifies some other perks, which I'm not sure if they'll conflict with any other changes.

I tried to replicate the effect in the creation kit, but was unable to locate the settings or scripts that control this behaviour.

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