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MO and High Level Enemies SIC Edition Installation Problems



Am running latest version of MO and have had no issues with installing any mods until now....Installed skyrim immersive creatures then downloaded high level enemies sic edition which I placed in MO download folder, installed, checked in the mods folder, both esps and bsas were in the HLE SIC folder so fine there, but when I run mo there is nothing in any pane, does anybody know what might be the problem? As if this can't get fixed will be going back to nmm which I really dont want to do.....

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I suspect it's not recognising the contents of the Fomod folder. If the worse comes to the worse, go to the plugins tab of the workround page and disable the internal fomod installer and see if that works (it'll use a different FOMOD installer which isn't quite so integrated. ignore the warning about current mods not being visible).


Incidentally, I opened the moduleconfig.xml in my editor (notepad++) and it promptly complained about the file saying it was utf16 but actually containing utf8 data, which is probably not helping.

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