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  1. I've tried this with my somewhat patched build of mod organiser and it seems to work fine. So if it's not working in 1.38, use the external installer till the next version comes out.
  2. I suspect it's not recognising the contents of the Fomod folder. If the worse comes to the worse, go to the plugins tab of the workround page and disable the internal fomod installer and see if that works (it'll use a different FOMOD installer which isn't quite so integrated. ignore the warning about current mods not being visible). Incidentally, I opened the moduleconfig.xml in my editor (notepad++) and it promptly complained about the file saying it was utf16 but actually containing utf8 data, which is probably not helping.
  3. The check for net version appears to be in the NCC installer plugin rather than in the main code. It should be possible to take that out and add in some config that tells windows to run it on 3.5 if available, otherwise on 4. Not yet sure how that works though
  4. These messages: are nothing to worry about. QT5 is complaining that windows 8 doesn't support old versions of SSL. Presumably at some point QT5 will stop checking, as no one should be using those (compromised) versions anyway These imply that your install wasn't done correctly and the German translations of various messages and files aren't available. It's nothing to worry about, except a lot of tool tips and help pages will be in English This one I have never seen before. I imagine of mod organiser is running OK, it's not really a problem. However, it may be another issue with the install. Try downloading the full install and reinstalling.
  5. What mod are you installing? Those screenies are too small to make any sense off.
  6. I'm using mod organiser and have set up tes5edit so it runs inside mod organiser. Fine so far.However, I'm not sure what happens when I clean one of the official DLCs (from the steam skyrim directory). Does it clean the file in place, or does it create its own copy of the file somewhere and leave the official DLCs in their original state?
  7. arrrgh. thank you. Memo to self: learn how to read.
  8. I've installed FNIS a while ago using mod organiser, and it works absolutely fine.Except whenever the generator is run (either manually or automatically when MO decides it's necessary for definite), and you exit, it invariable comes up with the "do you want to create a link, press no to be never asked again". I /really/ dont want it to clutter up my dekstop with links, but it keeps asking the question.I presume I've done something very silly, but sadly it's sufficiently silly for me not to be able to work out what
  9. That was just what I needed. thank you so much
  10. There's a problem with CBBE mod in that it doesn't install the facepack properly (you get huge pink splotches where there should be eyebrows), to which the splution is apparently to install manually (even for people using NMM).So I've unzipped the archive, but I'm unsure as to what to do next. there doesnt seem to be a way to install a mode from something that's not an archive (or there is one and I'm looking in all the wrong places, which, knowing me, is very likely). Any help gratefully appreciated.
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