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SR:LE Packs?

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Just a thought, many pack authors make packs for STEP and as an afterthought or by design add instructions for SR:LE. These include PerMa, Requiem and REGS. But how about a combat pack, real estate pack, follower pack, quest pack, designed to be compatible with and primarily for SR:LE.


As a viable alternative to STEP, SR does much of what many packs do but without the difficulty increase, more foes yes but still easy, or additions that increase the adventures that can be had etc.. plus as a bonus such pack development would increase the amount of testing being done with SR:LE so giving options and alternatives to perks etc..


I wouldn't assume that such packs could be developed using the same form as for STEP packs, but then again the STEP admins might be OK with it, what does anyone else think?


Anyone obviously includes Neo - sound like an idea?





Note, if this has been suggested already somewhere, I couldn't find it. Doesn't mean it hasn't already been discussed.

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 I think you have a good idea. I dont know how to do conflict resolution well but. I have been wanting to make a pack or two for SRLE. I'm not sure of the name but I have been looking at Perma Zones and it is already compatible with high level enemies and the SIC edition also, plus it works with Organized Bandits in Skyrim. I also would like to try Better Stealth AI for Followers, The Arissa Follower mod looks good, Companions Guild and Hunters Guild Might also be cool.

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