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Unofficial patches 2.1.1 needed

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That stuff from Reddit seems to indicate that the Unofficial Skyrim Patch is the only one with SkyProc issues.  Somebody said all the other Unofficial Patches aren't a problem.  I don't know if that's true or not though.

OMG. If someone on Reddit is only providing one of them, then the installation is going to be messed up for anyone using it with different versions of the rest.


The UPP suite, is all synced to release at the same time for good reason, you cant just use one version of one plugin, and the rest from a different version set.  :facepalm:

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For anyone interested, a temporary workaround seems to be deleting the whole CELL record from the Unofficial Skyrim Patch before running the SkyProc patchers, and after the patches are made reinstall the original USKP esp to restore the deleted records. Basically the patchers cannot handle the size of the ONAM record in the new version of the USKP esp and deleting the CELL records fixes this temporarily. As SkyProc patchers supposedly don't process CELL records you don't miss out on anything as long as you make sure you install the original esp again. I gathered this from the posts on the USKP Nexus page, more details can be found there.


Of course this is only for those who are too impatient to wait for a fix. The current maintainer of SkyProc seems to be away for a couple of days (also judging from the posts at the Nexus) but knows about the situation and the creator of Requiem has indeed already found an "experimental hotfix" for their patcher and it seems to work.

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